Longqing gorge, a good day-trip destination outside of Beijing

Longqing gorge is a good day-trip destination outside of Beijing, not only during Winter time, for the Longqingxia ice lantern festival, but also during spring, summer and autumn. Longqingxia is located in Yanqing county, in the North West of Beijing, a bit further North than Badaling Great Wall. Discover with us the landscape of Longqing gorge on a beautiful spring day!

It seems Longqing gorge scenic area attracts much less tourists than in winter time for the ice lantern festival… it was a good surprise for us. 

Attractions in Longqing gorge scenic area


As per the picture above, map found at the entrance of Longqingxia site. Below the list of the scenic points recommended by the tourism center. Actually Longqing gorge is an interesting spot from the geological point. 

  • Dragon escalator
  • Winterfall (dam)
  • Dock (boat departure)
  • Mountain guardian Buddha (accessible with the immortal yang cable car)
  • Leaping bear rock (you can admire it during the boat cruise)
  • Phoenix Coronet Island凤冠岛 (visible from the boat)
  • Bell mountain
  • Fupi mountain
  • Camel peak (get there once you get off the boat)
  • Diamond temple (nice buddhist temple, although we didn’t find any certificate of authenticity
  • Bungee jumping (for thrill seekers)
  • Air display (a tightrope walker crosses the river on a wire a few hundred meters in height on a bike)
  • Dream pavillon (for those who want to hike a little bit, there is probably over 200 meters height difference from the dock to the dream pavillon, but the hike is worse to admire the landscape)
  • Coin furnace
  • Little guilin (visible from the dream pavillon)
  • Yidu mountain 


How to get there?

Longqing Gorge Scenic Area, 15km in the northeast of Yanqing County and about 80 km from Beijing city center.

IMG_1173_FotorBy bus: Take Bus 919 from Deshengmen Bus Terminal and get off at Yanqing County and change for Bus 920 for Longqing Gorge
By train: take S train to Yanqing County then take shuttle bus to Longqing gorge or hire a taxi.
By car:  About 2 hours with little traffic. Drive along Badaling Expressway (Jingzang Expressway) and exit from Exit 62, pass by Yanqing County, then follow directions.

Best time to visit
: all day.
Address: 延庆县旧县镇古城村北龙庆峡景区
Entrance fee: 
– 40 RMB / person (half price for students, free for kids under 1.2 m)
– 100 RMB for the boat trip
– 10 RMB for the flower (baihua) cave (best to skip at it is a cave decorated with fake flowers)
Parking fee: 10 RMB for a car


Other attractions, in Yanqing county, near Longqingxia gorge



Yanqing county is a touristic destination for people living in Beijing or visiting the Capital City of the People’s Republic of China:


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