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“Pioneers of Global Education”

Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing) represents around 850 students from 40 different nationalities and cares about their education and future, offering bilingual competence in English-Chinese and following the National Curriculum for England (NCE). YCIS involves education from Early Childhood to graduation in Year 13. During Secondary school, YCIS follows the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) in order to prepare every student for their future. We can find other YCIS school in cities such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Chongqing, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley (USA). ECE Photo 1

It is important to mention that YCIS is the only International School in China to receive the Cambridge Award for Excellence in Education. The school’s University Guidance Counsellor offers individual counselling, assists students in compiling the necessary materials required for university and college applications, and preparing transcripts and reference letters. The classrooms are equipped with new technologies such as interactive Smart Boards and Mac computers. Both libraries have a complete collection of books in English and Chinese including bilingual books so that students are spoilt for choice.

Secondary Library at YCIS

Secondary Library at YCIS


YCIS Violin Concert 1

Violin Concert at YCIS

After School Activities are an important part of life at YCIS not only because they School has a brilliant music program but also because it offers to students the possibility to focus on the talents each child has.

YCIS has a dynamic art faculty complemented by the schools own Artist-in-Residence. Violin lessons are included inside the music program for Years 1-3 to develop children’s music skills with excellent results.

The School Performing Arts Department organizes performances throughout the year giving students the chance to display the skills they have learned. Sport is another essential activity at YCIS: the school has a huge array of different sport teams and organizes competitions with other International Schools.


Children from School Year 7-12 enjoy amazing trips around China and also to other countries around the world. These trips raise awareness of cultural similarities and differences, helping children improve their understanding of every concept learned in class and develop new skills by giving them the chance to become independent learners and have a unique experience with their classmates and teachers.

Destinations for trips around China which last around one week during the School Year 2012-2013: Qingdao and Mountain Tai, Wuzhen Town, Suzhou and Hangzhou, trip to the Yellow Mountain, Xian, Inner Mongolia and Yangshuo. YCIS offers trips outside China which are a good and positive choice: Students at Year 7 can travel to USA, Year 8 involves Mediterranean countries like Greece, Italy and Spain and children from Year 9 can enjoy Eastern Europe visiting countries such as Austria or Russia (Moscow). India and Tanzania are also destinations for Year 10 students.

Trip to Tanzania

Trip to Tanzania


Interview with the YCIS Co-Principal, Wayne Richardson

Which type of education does the School offer?

YCIS is committed to offering global education. Students experience both Eastern and Western cultures in a multicultural learning environment. A dual language programme allows students to achieve high proficiency in both English and Chinese for living in a global community. The school offers an international curriculum using the National Curriculum for England, IGCSE, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and a Chinese language and culture course.

What are the main differences during the phases from Kindergarten to High School?

There are three main phases to schooling: Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary.

In Early Childhood Education (ECE) children largely learn by doing. Children are given lots of opportunities to explore the world around them and understand how things work by taking part in practical activities.

In the Primary section, like ECE, students experience a broad, balanced and varied curriculum. The students gradually take more ownership of their learning by involving themselves in its delivery. Whilst there are the traditional subject disciplines, much of the learning is through cross-curricular topics with development, inquiry and creativity.

In the Secondary phase, students are also offered a broad education but as they progress up through the years they choose subjects they find particularly enjoyable or which they may need for their career pathways. The curriculum is more tailored to meet the individual needs of students. Often the upper years of Secondary students take external examinations for university entrance purposes, such as IGCSE and IBDP.

What points does the education system at YCIS offer compared to other Schools?

YCIS Beijing offers a unique and rewarding 21st century programme. The school’s vision prepares students for the challenges of working hard, learning two of the leading world languages (English and Chinese), using technology to enhance learning and to experience a holistic programme, including creative arts, music and sports. YCIS Beijing offers international education and at the same time uses the advantages of its host nation China.

What type of values and abilities should a student have at YICS?

In the 21st century the basics are no longer enough. Students need values that are transferrable for wherever they choose to live, work and study. YCIS promotes life-long values that allow students to strive and achieve success wherever they are. These student values include, but are not limited to: diligence, hard work, passion, inquiry, reflection, caring, confidence, teamwork, open-mindedness, respect and responsibility, all of which lead to a good character.





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