Three Essential Tips for Healthy Tech Time


Technology’s prominence in our globalized society becomes only greater as time goes on. With this remarkable development come new challenges, no least of which is ensuring that children, growing up with unprecedented access to devices and information at their fingertips, develop responsible technology usage habits.

In addition to helping students understand how to use technology, the Yew Chung International School of Beijing’s Primary School ICT teacher, Alana Elias, also teaches students the concept of cyber safety and how to counter related issues, such as cyberbullying. Below, she offers three tips for parents to both help their children consume technology in a healthy way as well as avoid some of its more dangerous aspects.

Developing Problem Solving Skills

3Independence is a vital trait to instill in children. We often find that there are many children who cannot or have not developed problem-solving skills, especially those related to technology, because there is always someone on hand who can come fix the issue for them.
One of them main skills parents should try to develop in children is for them to try to find a solution on their own when they encounter a problem. Parents should strive to guide their children to solve a problem on their own instead of immediately taking over and fixing the issue for them (a parenting tactic that can be applied to situations unrelated to technology as well).

Encouraging Cyber Safety

Many students and parents are unfamiliar with the concept of cyber safety. While there are many useful resources online, there are also many dangers. Parents must teach their children that they should never interact with strangers who approach them on the internet. Parents also need to be aware of what their children are doing online and should try to monitor their computing activities.

Sometimes children inadvertently engage in activities that can lead to trouble and affect them deeply on an emotional level; oftentimes it is exposure to cyberbullying. Telltale signs that cyberbullying is occurring are that the child is unusually upset or there is some difference in their behavior. Cyberbullying has just as much an effect on a child mentally as real world bullying. Parents must be vigilant when their child is on the internet and communicate with them about what they are doing on their computer.

Taking a Break from Screens

1While the internet and computers offer a wealth of information, it has been proven that too much screen time has adverse effects on a child’s physical health, including a child’s posture, eyesight, mental state, etc. These effect build up over time and can have serious long term consequences. If your child really wants to use their electronic devices for extended periods, make sure there are breaks. Every 20 – 30 minutes, encourage your child to physically walk away from the screen, giving them a chance to stretch and rest their eyes. If possible, take the time do an activity together. Go for a walk to the local shop, ask for help preparing food, or do some simple exercises. These activities will not only help strengthen your relationship, but also give your child’s body a chance to relax and move around away from an electronic device.

With the right training and discipline, technology can provide a great boon to a student’s development. Follow these tips above to ensure that your children stays safe and grows into an independent, happy, and healthy individual!

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Article provided by Greg Eiselt, 施睿嘉, Marketing Officer at Yew Chung International School of Beijing, 北京耀中国际学校

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