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Rent a Villa in Shunyi, Beijing

Rent a villa in Shunyi, in the outskirts of Beijing

Villa in Beijing Shunyi

Shunyi is the large suburbean area northwest of Beijing, a large area where the Beijing International Airport " Beijing Capital Airport" is established.

Shunyi has not always been a part of >Beijing. Under different names, a Shunyi county and its history can be traced back to ancient Chinese historical periods such as the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. In 1958, Beijing international airport has been built in Shunyi and the same year the area was attached to Beijing city. Nowadays, Shunyi can be accessed via several subway stations on the recent subway line 15. Shunyi is a very widespread area, residential for the largest part. Still, there is some economic activity: tourism but some companies's headquarters as well. Yanjing brewery, Beijing's special beer, is located in Shunyi.

Expatriates with families looking for accomodation in Beijing very often chose to rent a villa in Shunyi.

Your villa in Shunyi will benefit from being a little bit aside from Beijing center: this is a protected area, nice to live in. Less pollution, but more rivers, larger parks. This is why this place is really favored by expats in Beijing, when they come to find an acomodation, especially a villa for their family.

Rent a villa in Shunyi and be able to breathe while living in Beijing

Shunyi is attractive because of its quality of life. This is a place that enable people to live in Beijing while beijing close to rivers, parks, large green spaces. Life there is more peaceful than in Beijing and, above all, the air pollution is milder. This is the reason why many expatriates when they arrive in Beijing with their family settle themselves in Shunyi. The surfaces available to rent there are larger, the rents are cheaper and people are not, as they are in Beijing city centre, enclosed inside a grey polluted urban landscape.

You can have a walk in a 1900 hectares nature park, called Hanshi Qiao (汉石桥), with its specific fauna (marsh areas of northeastern China) in water and reeds. This is a surprise only 35 kilometers from Beijing Chaoyang.

Parks in Shunyi, close to the villa you'll rent: Sexin Park (on Chaobai river), Jian River Park (on both Jian river and Chaobai river), Shunyi Park, Woolong Park.

Shunyi is a convenient place if you are a golf fan. Golf courses are located all over the district.

To have a full scope of activities, Shunyi features a ski resort, in its eastern mountains, the Lianhuashan 莲花山滑雪场 ski resort.

Another adress you should know in Shunyi, Chun Hui Yuan 春晖园, a spa quite famous in China.

Rent a Villa in Shunyi close to Beijing international schools

Rent a Villa close to Beijing international airport

"Beijing Capital Airport" is Beijing's international airport. The expessway leads directly to the termianals 1, 2 and 3, via Shunyi from the second ring road at Dongzhimen.

Access to the airport is quite easy from Shunyi. People who commute a lot very often choose to live in Shunyi because of practical reasons as well.

Hospitals and Clinics close to your villa in Shunyi:

Health institutions in Shunyi are the following:

The Beijing United Family Hospital and the Beijing United Family Dental Clinic.

Rent a villa in Shunyi: supermarkets, commercial centers and shopping malls

Shunyi features a large number of commercial centers that settled themselves there to get closer to affluent customers.

Famous commercial centers: Euro Plaza 欧陆时尚购物中心, Pinnacle Plaza 荣祥广场, and Shunyi Lakeview Place 乐客湾 featuring international restaurants.

Some other commercial centers in Shunyi: Guotai Business Mansion, Shunyi branch of Xidan department Store, Longhua Shopping Center, Shunshin Gangukou, Beijing New World.

About food, besides all the Chinese shops and supermarkets, there is a Jenny Lou's next to Beijing Riviera compound.

Shunyi is the place in Beijing where you have the largest choice to rent a villa.

The villas to rent in Shunyi: along Jing Shun Lu at the level of Ma Quan Ying, close to Western Academy of Beijing

Villa Shunyi Jinshunlu

Schools in the neighborhood: Western Academy of Beijing, Daystar Academy, a branch of Montessori school, Dulwich School and Ivy Bilingual School. We selected the following villa compounds:

Villas to rent in Shunyi along Jing Shun Lu at the level of Tianzhu

Villa Shunyi Tianzhu

International schools in this neighbourhood: Rits Calilord Academy, Beijing Rego British School (BRBS), Eduwings Kindergarten.

Villas to rent in Shunyi: along Jing Shun Lu at the level of Linyin

Villas to rent in Shunyi: Huosha Yu, around International School of Beijing (ISB)

Villa Shunyi ISB

Schools in this neighborhood: Springboard International Bilingual School, Beijing International Bilingual Academy, Beijing New Talent Academy, The British School of Beijing, International School og Beijing (ISB), a branch of the International Montessori School, The Learning Center, Positive Foundation School, Side by Side.

Other places to rent a villa in Shunyi:

Villa in Shunyi

Shunyi district is huge. Some other compounsd we selected in Shunyi, in various location:

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Office compounds
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