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Areas in Bejing where you can rent an apartment are more and more numerous, since the city is expanding and developing with higher end accomodation beiing built. Beijing is expanding in all the directions but this is especially true about the east of Beijing, with its brand new residential compounds.

Wangjing is located in between the Lido district, which was one of the first ones to develop as a Beijing suburb, now in Beijing downtown, and the Beijing residential suburb, Shunyi, in the northwest.

This is a convenient location because this is now close to Beijing internatonal airport, for frequent commuters and close to the Beijing business hubs, this is a trend which going to widen since this is planned to be a new Beijing CBD, as an extension of the current CBD which is centered on Guomao.

This is now one of the areas in Beijing where the rents are rising at a dramatic speed, and the rea is becoming really attractive and will even be more welcoming when transportation hubs will be operational as planned.

So, if you want to rent an apartment there, you are living east of 4th ring road, within the fiture Beijing CBD.

Not too far from your apartment, at the east, is located Shunyi, the area in Beijing with the most international schools.

Still, this is a place where you can rent larger surfaces, with more affordable rents at least compared with Chaoyang district.

There is a large foreign expatriate community in Wangjing, the first community to settle there is the Korean community, and you still can see a lot of Korean restaurants and setlements in the area, with stone pot rice dishes and barbecues, but there s many other nationalities there including the German community (a large number of German people are in Liangmaqiao, just at the south of Wangjing). The international Korean school is located in Wangjing.

As an illustration, you have many foreign companies that are settled there, awaitng the developemnt of Wangjing as a CBD : Motorola, Panasonic, Microsoft and Mercedes and LG. There is now an atmosphere of its own in Wangjing, you can even buy some furniture at the Beijing IKEA. You have some large luxury shopping malls as well as a large Walmart and a Carrefour.

Here is a list of compounds were you can rent an apartment in Beijing :

The Season’s 季景沁园,

Landscape Bay 中广宜景湾,

City One 金隅国际,

Lu Gang Jia Yuan 鹿港嘉苑.

Top Aristocratic 华鼎世家,

Olive City 融科橄榄城,

Ideal Spirit 国风北京,

Central Palace 朝庭 出租

Jiamei Fashion Center 嘉美风尚



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