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Rent an apartment in the Beijing Wangjing neighborhood

Rent an apartment in the residential Wangjing district, an area opened on the world

Apartment in Beijing Wangjing

Wangjing is a peripherical district in the east of Beijing that has gained importance with the constant Beijing trend to develop eastwards. The district is located north of Beijing Lido and is as well a residential area, located between Beijing business hubs and Beijing International Airport.

East of 4th ring road, this district is very close to Shunyi residential area with its international Schools.

Wangjing is an interesting district for people looking for an apartment in an area that offers larger apartments with more affordable rents. Beijing subway line 10 makes easy access from Wangjing to the center of interest inside the Chinese capital city. Beijing fourth ring road facilitates a quick road access to Wangjing.

The Wangjing district welcomes a large expatriate community. The most famous foreign community in Wangjing is the Korean community with dozens of restaurants and bars that deliver a specific atmosphere. Around the Wangjing subway station, you wil find typical restaurants that offer KOrean barbecue, traditionnal rice meals in stone pots...

With Beijing international development, many expatriates of all origins have settled themselves in Wangjing.

Rent an apartment in Wangjing in a dynamic economic district

The specificity of Wangjing compared with other residential areas in east Beijing is the presence of international companies such as Siemens, Motorola, LG, Panasonic, Microsoft and Mercedes. The presence of these companies has arrtracted western food style reataurants of all kinds.

With its Korean community and the presence of foreign companies, Wangjing district has its own lively atmosphere that partially compensates the distance from more central areas in Beijing.

Rent an apartment in Wangjing close to Beijing airport

Road access to Wangjing is facilitated through a network of expressways and the Beijing ring roads, and Getting inside and outside Beijing is rather easy from Wangjing. This is the reason why many international hotels have settled themselves in Wangjing, such as Holiday Inn, Harbour Plaza, Orange Hotel, Broadtec Royal International Hotel.

To rent an apartment in Wangjing will be especially suited to people that are frequent commuters and need a convenient access to Beijing airport.

Shopping places close to your apartment in Wangjing

This is in Wangjing that is located the large Beijing IKEA shop, Futong Dong Dajie, 59, close to Siyuan West Bridge on the 4th ring road.

There a wide range of places offering international brands in Wangjing, you can find them in the commercial centers such as Wangjing Jiamao Shopping Center , 33, Guangshun Beidajie, the NOVO Concept Mall (NOVO 终极折扣潮 ), 41 , Wangjing Xilu, CapitaRetail Mall and a New World Department Store located 16, Guangshun Nan Dajie.

Regarding food, the area features numerous supermarkets offering foreign products, there is a Carrefour at the north of the area, 16. Guangshun Bei Dajie and a large WalMart 16. Furong Jie.

International Schools close to your apartment in Wangjing

This district is just located south west of Shunyi, the district that gathers most of the international schools in Beijing.

The Wangjing district itself features international schools: the Korean International School , 37 Wangjing Bei Lu. Some other schools and Kindergartens: Beijing World Youth Academy, Daystar Academy, Sunny Kids Garden and Muffy's Education.

The Beijing n°80 High School located in Wangjing has a special program opened to foreign pupils.

You will find more specific information about these schools in our blog.

Health institutions close to your apartment in the Wangjing district

The Wangjing district does not feature hospitals and clinics designed for foreigners. Regarding medical issues, you will have to visit hospitals or clinics in the neighbouring districts : Beijing Lido and Shunyi.

Rent an apartment in Beijing, in the Wangjing district close to Nan Hu Qu Lu

Apartment in Beijing Lido

West of Wangjing, real estate comlexes enable people to find apartments with intermediate rents.

We have selected the following compounds to rent an apartment in Nan Hu Qu Lu:

  • The Season's 季景沁园,
  • Landscape Bay 中广宜景湾,
  • City One 金隅国际,
  • Lu Gang Jia Yuan 鹿港嘉苑.

Rent an apartment in Wanjing around Wanjing Jie

Apartment in Beijing Wangjing Jie

In the heart of Wanjing district, our selection of compounds:

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Apartment compounds
Villa compounds
Courtyard areas
Office compounds
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