Measures taken by Beijing municipality to tackle population growth


Beijing municipality is taking measures to reduce its population and cap its permanent population at 23 million by 2020, with the population in six core districts (Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai and Shijingshan) 15 percent less than 2014 levels. 


Officials from the six core districts have already taken measures to limit the population growth with the objective in mind to remove non-essential functions from Beijing. Measures include:

  1. Measures to force the floating population away (those with low income and usually can’t afford buying residential properties). The growth of the floating population is difficult to control.
    1. b8ac6f27aafb0db31a2048Crackdown on illegal shared housing: In 2013, the government published a regulation on home leasing :
      1. the living space per person in a rented apartment should not be less than 5 sqm,
      2. the original apartment structure shouldn’t be remodeled.
      3. the underground space shouldn’t be used for residence
    2. Rise in subway fares: The study regarding price adjustments for bus and subway (public transportation) is still going on. 
    3. Restrictive measures on home purchase (without Beijing hukou or permanent residency, people are only allowed to buy homes if they have contributed to the social security fund for 5 consecutive years or have a work certificate and residence in Beijing).
  2. IMG_1758Illegal transformation of homes into shops. The Beijing municipality is currently renovating facades of old buildings, explaining to the population that the building structure should be strengthen in case of earthquake.
    However, with the building renovation, if any, the doors at the 1st floor (ground floor) will be closed (unless entrance / exit door); if the tenants / landlord want to keep running their business, they could do it over the window, which leads in most cases to operations shutdown.  
    The picture with the Chinese text was taken on Chaoyang South Road.
  3. Closure of wholesale markets and other touristic attractions with too high traffic
    1. Donghuamen snacks market has been recently closed.
    2. Nanluoguxiang street has lost its AAA ranking
    3. Gui Jie, a street of popular restaurants, is also targeted.
    4. Areas surrounding the Palace Museum / forbidden city will also see actions taken to curb down the population.


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