Serviced apartments in Beijing

Serviced apartment

In Beijing, some Expat prefer to stay in serviced apartments instead of hotels for short and medium term accommodation. I would even say that serviced apartments are the most preferred accommodation amongst expatriates arriving in Beijing with their family: family travellers prefer to stay in a two or three-bedroom apartment fully equipped with a kitchen rather than in connecting hotel rooms.

Staying in a Serviced Apartment can also be a good option to better understand the city and the ideal situation of your future home, near your children school and at a fair distance from your office in Beijing.


Serviced Apartments can be less expensive than Hotel

The rate of Serviced Apartments are generally reduced depending on the length of your stay and rate is calculated per apartment, not taking into account the number of guests. Hotels  will charge not only based on the number of guests per room but will seldom consider special offers for long stay.
Besides, living in a Serviced Apartment allows you to prepare your own breakfast and meals: you can choose your diet et it will cost you less than eating outside any single meal.

living_room_Feeling like home

Serviced apartments have not only a bedroom and bathroom, but also a fully equipped kitchen and living room, washing machine and laundry, children play ground area…. You can also feel home when living in a serviced apartment. Not like an hotel where your room becomes your dining area if you order meal outside, then your working room…

… with the same services than hotels

Serviced apartments basically offer both the flexibility of  the apartment and the service of hotels: security, housekeeping services, business centre, gym and swimming pool… But usually they don’t offer restaurant. However restaurants are never far away from a Serviced Apartment building.

Where are located Serviced Apartments in Beijing?

  • Serviced apartments in CBD
  • Serviced apartments in Chaoyang Park – Lufthansa(Liangmaqiao)
  • Serviced apartments in Ditan – Olympic Park
  • Serviced apartments in Lido
  • Serviced apartments in Sanlitun – Dongzhimen – Gongti: Check our article about serviced apartment compounds in Sanlitun
  • Serviced apartments in Sanyuanqiao – Liufang – Taiyanggong
  • Serviced apartments in Shuangjing – Jinsong – Panjiayuan
  • Serviced apartments in Sihui – Yaojiayuan – Qingnian
  • Serviced apartments in Wangfujing – Jianguomen
  • Serviced apartments in Wangjing
  • Serviced apartments in Xidan – Fuxingmen
  • Serviced apartments in Shunyi 
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