Hebei furniture market, between Tianjin and Beijing: Xianghe market

xiangheLocated in Hebei province, at 45 km of Beijing and 60 km from Tianjin, Xianghe International Furniture Mall is the largest furniture market in North China: 3 million square meters, 7000 furniture shops, thousand of brands, more than 30 different building, combining production and sales, as well as logistic centres.

Products are sold to northern provinces, but also exported to Russia, Mongolia, Canada, Spain, Korea, South-East Asia, Africa and other countries…

You can find any kind of furniture there, furniture for your home, office furniture, furniture for your shop or restaurant… : mahogany furniture, wood furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, rattan outdoor furniture, …

Office furniture 

If you need to renovate your office, it can be a good idea to visit this mall, as you have a large choice of office desks and seats. From the traditional Chinese furniture to the most trendy office space, you can really find any style in this shopping centre. Vendors usually know about their products and can help you to chose the best quality furniture for your needs.

Home furniture

You may not like the furniture chosen by your Chinese landlord. Here you can find any style of furniture, from the very traditional Chinese one to the most modern. You may also be looking for new furniture for your new born child. This is the place to visit! You can find everything in this furniture market, the largest in Beijing area: bed, children desk, children bed, table, chairs, sofa, armchair, traditional Chinese cupboards, kitchen furniture, lamps…


How to go to Xianghe furniture mall 香河家具城 – Xiāng Hé Jiā Jù Chéng ?

You need to rent a car, as Beijing taxis are not allowed to go to Hebei Province. It will take you about 1 hour (without traffic) to get there from the city centre. To go from one mall to another one, you will also need a car… and wear comfortable shoes, as the malls are… huge!


location of xianghe furniture market

Zip code:065400
Website: www.cnjiaju.com
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8: 30-17: 30, Sat-Sun 8: 30-18: 00








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