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By 2025, Guomao 国贸 landscape will undergo a lot of changes. 2025, this is only 10 years from now and if you are interested in the Real Estate Market in Beijing, you should definitely take some time to read this article !

What’s happening in the CBD?

41 companies are involved in the construction of the CBD core area, including the China Investment Corporation, China’s CITIC Group, China Minsheng Banking Corporation Limited and Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, as well as 16 financial institutions (Samsung Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Chia Tai Group Co., Ltd.), 3 Fortune 500 companies and well-known multinational companies, as well as 20 real estate and other types of companies: 90 companies should settle in the CBD core area, it should represent a population of  80,000 to 100,000 people.

19 new high-rise buildings are expected (most of them are already under construction).




Z1b: Tsinghua University Guanghua Road Campus 清华大学光华校区

230 meters high building to host the new campus of Tsinghua University Guanghua Road Campus! 

The project includes grade A office floors, classrooms, conferences rooms and catering locations, as well as a variety of supporting services.

Floor surface: ​​120,000 square meters,
Underground construction surface : ​​29,997 square meters,
Total construction surface: ​​149,997 square meters.
Floor above ground: 50
Floor under ground: 5 


Z2a: Sunshine Insurance Financial Center 阳光保险

Office building for multiple tenants, 5 floors at the base of the building will include club, museum gallery.. 

Ground surface: 8264 sqm
Floor surface: 90000 sqm
Building height: 243 m
More info:


Z2b: Samsung China 三星中国

260 meters building for the new headquarters of Samsung China.

Floors Above Ground: 57
Floors Below Ground: 6
Surface: 168,936 m²
Cost:  750 billion won (US$703.4 million), including the price of the land purchase.
Date of completion: 2016/2017

samsung china


Z3:Beijing Vantone and gold consortium 万通&中金

200 meters high building with grade A office spaces

Surface: 120,000 sqm on a 10490 sqm land

Cost: over 2.5 billion yuan


Z4:Minsheng Bank 民生银行

Will become the new headquarters of Minsheng Bank.

Height: 254 meters
Floor above ground: 54
Surface: 190 000 sqm
More informations:



Z5:Anbang insurance & investment Group 安邦财险&标准投资



Z6:HSBC and Cosco China 汇丰银行&中国远洋

405 meters high, will become the Beijing second tallest building.
Ground surface: 190,000 square meters
Floor above ground: 76 





Z8:CITIC 中投&中信

300 meters high
150000 sqm
Designed by HENN
dditional information on:



Z10:CITIC and Founder 中信&北大方正

Z12:Taikang Life 泰康人寿

190,000 square meters
45 storeys
216 meters high
2.2 billion yuan


Z13 : China Life Insurance 中国人寿

188 meters high


Z14: 正大集团&金光&玖龙纸业

220,000 square meters
grade A offices, high-end office
238 meters high

Z15: Zun tower (CITIC

120 floors
528 meters high
2,000,000m2 of office space, six-star hotels, luxury service apartments and high-end retail
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