Everything you need to know about electric bicycles in Beijing (E-bike & E-scooter) – Purchase, Transfer, Regulation, Fines, etc.

The Complete Guide to new regulations for your E-bike and E-scooter in Beijing.

Currently, the Chinese government does not require a driver’s license or insurance to ride electric bicycles. However, since 2017 you are required to register your e-bike and more recently your e-scooter in order to drive it on the road. In October 2018, Beijing introduced another new regulation to its citizens; the “Safety Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycles” (电动自行车安全技术规范).

Implemented by the Minister of Technologies and Transports, it indicates that all e-vehicles must be registered by the Traffic Police and obtain a license plate. The regulations on the administration of non-motor vehicles in Beijing also stipulates that only electric bicycles complying with national standards (CCC Certification) can drive on the road. Electric bicycles outside the CCC Certification catalogue (e-scooter) must apply for a temporary license plate which will allow them to drive legally on the road until 31/10/2021.

After that transition period, the non CCC Certified vehicles are not allowed to drive on the road and will be banned from sale in the capital. Right now, nobody knows what will happen with those non CCC Certified vehicles after 31/10/2021.

An exemple of e-scooter temporary license plate
Temporary License Plate
An exemple of E-bike permanent license plate
Permanent License Plate

According to the Minister of technologies latest report, since May 2019, any newly registered e-vehicles will have to comply with the following standards:

  • Maximum speed: 15 kilometers per hour
  • Maximum weight: 55kg
  • Operate with a lithium battery
  • Limited to 400 watts and 48 volts max
  • Provided with foot pedals

What is the difference between an E-bike (电动自行车) and an E-scooter (电动车)?

An “electric bike” is a vehicle which can be pedaled but also has an electric motor to assist, while an “electric scooter” cannot be pedaled and only relies on the motor for propulsion. Electric scooter batteries tend to be more powerful than electric bike.


How to register my E-bike?

You will have to go in person to the Traffic Police Bureau in your district (addresses at the end of this article).

Once you get there, you will need to provide a few documents:

  • The purchase receipt for your e-bike.
  • E-bike certificate of approval (e-bike CCC: e-bike China Compulsory Certification. Usually provided by the store when you buy the bike.)
  • Make sure the e-bike is listed as qualified for a license. (You can put the type or brand of your e-bike to check on this website.
  • Your ID

How to register my E-scooter?

According to the Ministry of technologies and transport, all currently owned E-scooters were to be registered at the Traffic Police between October 2018 and April 2019. It is now too late to register for an E-scooter temporary license plate; however, you can still buy an e-scooter that already has a legal license plate.

Info: If you are caught driving an unlicensed E-scooter, you can now be fined 1,000 RMB by the police and get your E-scooter confiscated. Do not forget! If you buy an existing e-scooter with legal license plate, you will be only able to drive it until the 31st of October 2021.

How to transfer an E-vehicles (E-bikes & E-scooter)?

It is always preferable to buy new vehicles to be sure of your purchase, however depending on your budget you may want to purchase a secondhand E-vehicle. It is possible for you to buy it from someone who previously registered it, however you must ensure that the license plate is legal and is connected with the e-vehicle’s serial number as well as the current owners ID.

In fact, all current license plate numbers are connected to the owner’s ID number and only the owner can process a transfer. It is therefore compulsory for both parties to go to the police station to legally transfer an e-vehicle. The vehicle transfer process will take anywhere from about 30 minutes to 1 hour.  The following documents are necessary for the buyer and the seller to be able to finalize the transfer of the E-vehicle at the Police station:

Non-motor vehicle license (非机动车行驶证)

Both the seller and buyer must be present at the Police station for the transfer. The E-vehicle with the current license plate must also be there for the police officer to inspect.

Finally, whether you are transferring an E-bike or an E-scooter, the police officer will ask the buyer and the seller to fill in a registration form called “E-vehicle Application Form” (非机动车登记申请表) as well as sign and finger print an “Electric Bicycle Transfer Agreement” for the process to be fully completed.

E-Bike transfer contract
E-Scooter transfer contract
E-Vehicle application form

The updated list of E-Vehicles Fines:

E-Vehicle fines
  1. Driving through a red light or stopping after the waiting line – 20RMB
  2. Driving in the car lane – 20RMB
  3. Driving in reverse – 20RMB
  4. Carrying adults behind – 20RMB
  5. Having a legal license plate but not displaying it correctly affixed to the vehicle – 20RMB
  6. Having a temporary license plate but not displaying it correctly affixed to the vehicle – 20RMB
  7. Registered but no documents or license plate – 20RMB
  8. E-bike with non-local plate / Registered in other city 20RMB
  9. The electric bicycle with a height of more than 1.5 meters from the ground, a width of 0.15 meters beyond the handlebars, and a length of 0.3 meters beyond the wheels at the front or back – 20RMB
  10. Dragging or towing equipment or loadings – 50RMB
  11. Coming soon: Not wearing a helmet will be fined in China major cities.


In case you did not register your E-vehicle, you will be fined 1000RMB, and the Police will confiscate your vehicle.

E-Vehicles are banned in a few Beijing streets

Since April 2016, the Beijing’s Public Security Bureau (PSB) has banned “two-wheeled electric bikes” (电动二轮车) from driving on some popular Beijing streets. Violators face fines of RMB 20 per infraction and confiscation of the vehicle if they refuse to pay.

List of banned streets:

  • Chang’an Jie
  • Guangchang Dongce Lu
  • Guangchange Xice Lu
  • Fuyou Jie
  • Zhengyi Lu
  • Fuxingmenwai Dajie
  • Jiaenguomenwai Dajie
  • Fuxing Lu
  • Puhuangyu Lu
  • Shijingshan Lu

List of popular E-bikes brands available in Beijing:

Where to buy a new E-bike?

Perhaps the most common place to buy an e-bike is the large chain supermarkets (Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Auchan, etc.) as they also help you register your bike. Locally owned electric bike stores will allow you to better negotiate prices compared to supermarkets, but they rarely help with your bike registration.

Recently, more and more people are buying e-vehicles through internet platforms which might be even cheaper than locally owned electric bike stores, but of course they don’t provide any after sales repair services.

List of Police stations addresses: where to go to register or transfer your e-vehicle.

Police stations are often open from Monday to Sunday 9:00am to 16:00pm except during Chinese public holidays (Such as Jan 1st, Oct 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.).

Chaoyang District

Chaoyang Transportation Bureau Hujialou Subdistrict (North side of Jingguang Bridge) 朝阳交通支队呼家楼非机动车登记站 (东三环京广桥下北侧呼家楼交通大队执法站内)
Most popular police station for e-vehicle transfer by foreigners in Beijing
Chaoyang Transportation Bureau Yayuncun Subdistrict (No.9 A Fulin Lu) 朝阳交通支队亚运村非机动车登记站 (朝阳区拂林路甲9号)

Changping District

Changping Transportation Bureau (Machikou village, Machikou) 昌平交通支队非机动车登记站 (马池口镇马池口村交通队)

Daxing District

Daxing Transportation Bureau (Haizijiao, Huangcun village) 大兴交通支队非机动车登记站 (黄村镇海子角北口路南)

Dongcheng District

Dongcheng Transportation Bureau South subdistrict (No.26 Mingzhu Beijie, Yongding Menwai) 东城交通支队南区非机动车登记站 (永定门外民主北街26号)
Dongcheng Transportation Bureau North Subdistrict (No.1-4, Douban Hutong, Chaonei Beixiaojie) 东城交通支队北区非机动车登记站 (朝内北小街豆瓣胡同1-4号)

Fangshan District

Fangshan Transportation Bureau (No. 32 Huabei Dajie, Gongchen Street) 房山交通支队非机动车登记站 (拱辰街道月华北大街32号)

Fengtai District

Fengtai Transportation Bureau Lugouqiao Subdistrict (Lugouqiao Administration Building, Xiaotun Xilu) 丰台交通支队卢沟桥非机动车登记站 (小屯西路南口加油站北侧卢沟桥乡综合办公大楼)
Fengtai Transportation Bureau Dahongmen Subdistrict (No. 137 Dahongmen Xiqianjie) 丰台交通支队大红门非机动车登记站 (大红门西前街137号)

Haidian District

Haidian Transportation Bureau (No. 99 Houchangcun Lu, Xibeiwang) 海淀交通支队非机动车登记站 (西北旺后厂村路99号)

Huairou District

Huairou Transportation Bureau (No. 88 Qingchun Lu) 怀柔交通支队非机动车登记站 (青春路88号)

Mengtougou District

Mentougou Transportation Bureau (No. 72 Binhe Lu) 门头沟交通支队非机动车登记站 (滨河路72号)

Miyun District

Miyun Transporation Bureau (Baishiling village, Miyun town) 密云交通大队非机动车登记站 (密云镇白石岭村密云机动车检测场北)

Pingu District

Pinggu Transportation Bureau (No. 29 Pinggu Beijie, Xinggu Development subdistrict) 平谷交通支队非机动车登记站 (兴谷开发区平谷北街29号)

Shijingshan District

Shijingshan Transportation Bureau (No. 8 Yangzhuang Lu) 石景山交通支队非机动车登记站 (杨庄路8号)

Shunyi District

Shunyi Transportation Bureau (No.10 Shunping Xilu) 顺义交通支队非机动车登记站 (顺平西路10号)

Tongzhou District

Tongzhou Transportation Bureau (No. 240 Yunhe Xidajie) 通州交通支队非机动车登记站 (运河西大街240号)

Xicheng District

Xicheng Transportation Bureau North Subdistrict (No. 303 Zhaodengyu Lu) 西城交通支队北区非机动车登记站 (赵登禹路303号)
Xicheng Transportation South Subdistrict (No.33 Honglian Nanlu) 西城交通支队南区非机动车登记站 (红莲南路33号)

Yanqing District

Yanqing Transportation Bureau (Guishui Nanjie, Yanqing village) 延庆交通支队非机动车登记站 (延庆镇妫水南街)
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