The Real Estate sector in Asia: where is the future?

immobilier   If the beauty of Asia attracts you and you dream to live there, this article is written for you! Indeed, we are going to analyse the different real estate markets in China, Japan, Thailand and finally in Burma. These four countries have become the top destinations for travellers. Buying an apartment in Bangkok, a villa “feet in water” in Phuket, and a studio near the seafront in Pattaya…? Everyone dreams of a quiet place to retire or for a second residence in a small corner of paradise. China – Beijing In China, the index of real estate prices has risen by 50% during the last years, prompting the government to take anti-speculative measures but the successor did not continue with this politic. In Beijing, for example, households can not buy more than one apartment. The average price per square meter in new homes in the 100 major cities jumped at 10.69% last month to reach 10,685 Yuan (1,270 euros. The Chinese authorities are trying to limit the rise of the prices. Prices were supported by long National Day holidays, but also by the launch of major real estate projects. It is the capital, Beijing, which recorded the highest increase among 10 major cities in the country, with a rise of prices in the new homes of 29.13% a year in October to 31,277 Yuan (3 729 euros) per square meter. Japan – Tokyo There are various signs that show that Japan’s long-dead real estate market has (finally) come back to life. Japan’s property market is re-emerging, with average prices for new condos in Tokyo hitting levels not seen since 1992. If the trend continues and broadens, it could mark a turnaround in the long-dormant financial fortunes of the world’s third-largest economy. Resale prices are also rebounding, although at a slower pace. Sales of existing condos in and surrounding Tokyo grew 17%. Residential construction is increasing. The number of new home buildings increased by 8.6%. Thailand Thailand is a country that is experiencing a strong growth in the tourism industry today. It attracts many visitors to spend the winter, to live their retirement or to invest in the long term. They are a lot of reasons. The real estate market is developing around 3 axes in Thailand: the condominium, the residential and the commercial. The easiest way to invest in property in Thailand is the condominium. Those are the only land that a foreigner can have in Thailand. They are very easy to rent and usually cheaper than a house. If you want to invest now in Thailand, you’re right! The economy is growing and prices are rising gradually. Do not hesitate to go through an agent to assist you in the procedure.   Burma Real estate is one of the sectors attracting the most interest from investors looking for opportunities in Myanmar. Myanmar real estate prices continue to hike, the market should stabilize in the future as financing becomes available. Land in downtown Yangon, Myanmar’s financial center, has continued to skyrocket in price and can cost up to $800 per square foot, now that the government has permitted three-year leases to owners. Sustaining a trend of urgent demand for office space as foreign investors pour into the country, buyers are now speculating on land in the former capital’s central business district in order to build high-grade condominium buildings. At the current prices, a standard condo – 100 by 100 feet – will cost a buyer about $8 million. This, in a long-isolated and undeveloped Third World country, matches real estate prices in major cities across the globe. Sources :

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