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Sport is present in people’s life as a hobby, health advice and a way of life. In Beijing you will be able to find several fitness centers and outdoor activities for all ages like aerobics, yoga and martial arts. If you want to join a team it is also possible to play football and basketball but you can also find swimming pools and indoor golf fields.

Find below a list of places where you can enjoy sport and teams you can join.

Fitness Club

BlackTiger Club
Contact: 131 2121 9317

Martial Arts

Martial arts are traditional combat practices that include self-defense, competition and fitness as well as a mental, physical, and spiritual development. All martial arts include hard physical exercises and a lot of training which is inspired in old Chinese philosophies and legends. According to Chinese history, martial arts were originated 4000 years ago during the Xia Dynasty. A complete training system should also provide insight into Chinese attitudes and culture.

Qualified teachers for all sports that fall under the martial arts category can be easily found in Beijing. Several clubs and gyms offer a wide range of classes for Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu and Kung-Fu.

  • JingHua Wushu Club
    Contact: 135 2228 3751 (English/French); 131 4107 2677(Chinese/english); or
  • BlackTiger Club
    Contact: 131 2121 9317
  • KravMaga Beijing Club
    Contact: 187 1019 0150 (English); 150 1024 6131 (Chinese);
    Address: No.19 Dong Fang Dong Road, Chaoyang District
  • Beijing Milun School of Traditional Kungfu; 13811706568
  • Neijia Martial Arts Contact: Phone: 6416-6125
    Master Liu Xuyang Mobile (Chinese): 136 7124 5547- E-Mail:;
    Sandra Retzer Mobile (English) : 134 6670 1972- E-Mail :
    Address: No.16 Gongti Beilu, 1402 Xingfuyuan Gongyu, Chaoyang District
  • Beijing Aikido;
  • Renshinkan Kendo club;; (+86-10)6711-0259, 138-1100-5163.
  • Tianyi KungFu Club;; 135-8196-8758.


The rising number of golf courses in and around Beijing reflects the country’s increasing wealth.

In China, golf remains a sport for the affluent.

A round at a top course can end up costing around CNY 1,000.

  • Beijing Ladies Golf;;


There are plenty of pools in Beijing, often in fitness gyms, apartment complexes, and hotels. Perhaps the most notable new swimming facility is the Water Cube, the National Aquatics Center built for the 2008 Olympic Games.

  • Multisport Beijing; (+86-10)6507-2971, 136-8107-8446;


Tennis facilities are spotted throughout Beijing. It is already a very popular sport for the Chinese population and has become even more prominent thanks to Zheng Jie, the internationally-ranked Chinese tennis star.

  • Multisport Beijing; (+86-10)6507-2971, 136-8107-8446;
  • GS Academy;; (+86-10)8478-6866


  • Yoga Yard Beijing;; (+86-10)6413-0774
  • Fine Yoga Beijing;; (+86-10)8599-9566/7702; 139-1120-956 (Blue Castle International) / 159-1066-3284(Cindy at ShunYi)
  • Yihe 42 Hot Yoga; (+86-10)8599-7395/7396 (Blue Castle), 5905-6067/6077 (Solana Studio)
  • Alona Pilates Studio;; 139-1029-0260

Team sport


  • Beijing Club Football
    Contact:5130 6893/4/5/6 Address: Unit A212, Door 3, Zone A1, Zhaowei Huadeng Plaza, Zhaowei building#51,14 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District.
    this club include training for men’s, ladies’ and junior.
  • Forbidden City FC
  • French L’equipe
    Contact: Captain – Gregory Desbuquois – – Mobile: 139 1137 9593
    The French L’Equipe Football Club of Beijing (Not only French guy on their team)
  • Sexy FC
    The “Sexiest” Football club in Beijing
  • Beijing Vikings Football Club
  • Beijing Barbarians Football Club
    Contact :


Basketball is wildly popular in China, particularly due to their hero Yao Ming and other NBA superstars like Tracy McGrady.

  • Multisport Beijing; (+86-10)6507-2971, 136-8107-8446;



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