Real-name registration required for phone users in China



Chinese telecom operators will require real-name registrations from its cellphone users starting from September 1st 2015, as part of the 2015 campaign to chase “black cards”. The new policy is a reinforcement of the law on Strengthening Information Protection on Networks already in effect from  1 September 2013 regarding the registration of real identity information of users or real-name registration and requires verifying users’ identification when accessing telecom services, including land-line, cellphone, and broadband services.

The real-name registration aim at further prevent criminals from committing crimes with unregistered SIM and UIM cards, protect the legal rights of the people as well as ensure national security and social stability.

Real name registration for telecommunication users

Real name registration policy for individuals

 Both new users registering their SIM cards and current users are required to verify their personal information at local telecom service offices. Mobile phone companies have upgraded their ID card reading equipment and any reseller (newspaper stand or retailers) are required to verify ID information when selling SIM cards.

The same applies to wireless internet access cards UIM cards.

Unverified accounts will not be able to access to upgrade packages, to check account information and to change phone cards ; it is said that they could even be suspended.

Real name registration policy for UIM corporate customers

For new subscription or service confirmation for corporate customers, telecommunications companies should verify and record the ID card of the actual user of the UIM card: UIM cards will be associated with their actual users together with the corporate customer name. As a consequence, it will not be possible any more to resell an UIM card, as users are registered unless you visit the store and update the information of the new user.

Targeted verifications will be done for users with five or more registered UIM cards. In case, your information is not accurate, you’d better run to the nearest shop to update your information.


This campaign should also decrease the number of “black cards,” widely used for text message scams. We should receive less messages offering you to rent an apartment while you’ve just moved in or special massage services (for those who can read Chinese characters or translate any single text message they receive).

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