Park Apartments close to Chaoyang Park


Park Appartments are located close to the East 4th ring road south of Chaoyang Park in the main district of Beijing called Chaoyang District. The entire residential area is composed by 5 buildings having a main street in front of the compounds but on the main entrance side, a calm and small street without traffic. The apartments are situated near a golf field and a few minutes away from a main street with supermarkets, shops and restaurants.


Entrance to Park Apartments


Lobby of Park Apartments

Indoor and Outdoor:

The indoor design of Park Apartments remains simple and modern with foreign furniture and well thought layouts. The entire lobby has nice plants, some coaches, marble floor and a cashier at the main entrance. A new gym is also available for people living in these flats. Outdoor you will find a big entrance with a fountain with access available for cars and a children’s playground surrounded by a small but charming garden. Chaoyang Park West Gate is just 5 minutes’ walk away. This location offers the possibility of doing sport every day or has a nice walk through the main lung of Beijing. Situated in the same main street you can find a few Chinese restaurants, a sushi bar, the Italian restaurant Annie’s, a Korean cuisine restaurant, a few small shops including a pharmacy and the western supermarket “Jenny Lou’s”.


Garden in front of the compound


Gym of Park Apartments


Park Apartments have a few facilities such as a private gym with swimming pool, table-tennis, outdoor children’s playground, a beauty salon, an inside cashier and private security at the main entrance of the compound. You can also find a main street less than 5 minutes away that brings you to Chaoyang Park West Gate and is plenty of restaurants and some western style shops. If you like to be living in Beijing, near the centre but in a more calm area with expat facilities, Park appartments are the perfect choice.


Main street near Park Apartments


It has a very easy access to Sanlitun in around 5-10 minutes, 15 to the CBD and just 5 minutes to Lufthansa area without traffic. Subway line 16 will soon be available to make that location the perfect place for convenience in town but you have basically in front the Subway of Tuanjiehu. Close to Honglingjin Park and Chaoyang park is a family friendly location.


The entire area is not near some touristic places in Beijing and hasn’t got the most charming sights or any Chinese traditional areas. The traffic in this area during main hours is quiet annoying and during night the area is a bit lonely. If your children go to some school outside Beijing it will take more than 30 minutes to get there for sure. Park appartments do not offer a big outside garden area and the place is not so calm as other areas for expat people.


Annie’s Italian Restaurant chain



Jenny Lou’s Supermarket


One of the Japanese Restaurants



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