Outdoor swimming pools in Beijing

Outdoor swimming pool beijing

It’s a fact, summer in Beijing is quite hot and for those who can’t stand the A/C or want to get some tan, it is not easy to find outdoor swimming pools. Scout Real Estate is sharing here a list of outdoor swimming pools in Beijing!

1) Public outdoor swimming pools

If you hate crowded places, just jump to the #2, since those public swimming pools can be over crowded… 

  • Baolian Sports Park 
    • 2 pools: the play pool is no deeper than 150cm and there is another pool 150-180cm in depth and 25-meter longswimming pool
    • Entrance fee: RMB 10 for the play pool (free for children under 120 cm), RMB 30 per person for the 25 meter pool
    • Opening hours: from 9am to 9 pm, open until September 1st.
    • Contact details: 宝联体育公园游泳场, 海淀区北洼西里48号 – 48 Beiwa Xili, Haidian District. (6843 8898)
  • City Seaview @ Crab Island
    • Entrance fee: RMB 60, RMB 40  for children under 140cm, free (children under 100cm)
    • Opening hours:  Daily 9am-10pm, open until the beginning of September.
    • Contact details: 北京城市海景水上乐园, 朝阳区蟹岛路1号 (蟹岛度假村内). Inside Beijing Crab Island Resort, 1 Xiedao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8433 9689/9191)
    • Website: www.cityseaview.net
  • Hongshankou Swimming Pool
    • Entrance fee: RMB 10, free for children under 120cm.
    • Opening time: Daily 9am-8pm.
    • Contact details: 红山口游泳场, 海淀区黑山扈天秀花园西侧. West side of Tianxiu Huayuan, Heishanhu, Haidian District. (6281 8604)
  • Jiaoda Swimming Pool
    • Entrance fee: RMB 10.
    • Opening hours: Daily 4pm-6.30pm.
    • Contact details: 海淀区上园村3号北京交通大学内. Inside Beijing Jiaotong University, 3 Shangyuancun, Haidian District. (5168 3694)
    • Website: http://www.njtu.edu.cn/
  • 45-300x192Liulang Swimming Pool
    • Located at the south side of the Summer Palace and next to Kunyu River
    • Entrance fee:  RMB 10, free for children under 120cm
    • Opening hours: Daily 9.30am-9pm. Open until August 31.
    • Contact details: 柳浪游泳场, 海淀区颐和园南门 South gate of Summer Palace, Haidian District. (6263 5992)
  • Qingnianhu Park Waterworld
    • Two sections with four pools in total.
    • Entrance fee: RMB 20 for adults, RMB 15 (children under 130cm).
    • Opening hours: Daily 9am to 7pm. Open until the end of August.
    • Contact details: 青年湖公园水上世界, 东城区安定门外青年湖公园内. Inside Qingnianhu Park, Andingmenwai, Dongcheng District. (8411 6321)
  • Tuanjiehu Park Swimming Pool
    • Entrance fee: RMB 40 (weekdays), RMB 50 (weekends)
    • Opening hours: Open until August 31. Daily 10.30am-7.30pm.
    • Contact details: 团结湖公园模拟海滨乐园, 朝阳区团结湖南里16号. Inside Tuanjiehu Park, 16 Tuanjiehu Nanli, Chaoyang District. (8597 4677)

2) Hotel outdoor swimming pools

  • The Emperor Hotel Qianmen 北京前门皇家驿栈
    • Glass-edged outdoor swimming pool
    • Contact details: 87 Xianyukou St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China +86 10 6526 5566
    • Website: http://www.theemperor.com.cn/en/index.html 
  • Splash Recreation Club
    • Outdoor-indoor pool, poolside bar and a restaurant.
    • Entrance fee: Mon-Fri: RMB 50, RMB 30 (kids). Sat-Sun: RMB 130, RMB 65 (kids).
    • Opening hours: Daily 6am-10pm.
    • Contact details: 浪花俱乐部, 顺义区小天竺南路9号国都大饭店. Sino-Swiss Hotel, 9 Xiao Tianzhu Nanlu, Shunyi District. (6456 5588 ext 1217)
    • Website: www.sino-swisshotel.com
  • CITIC Hotel, Beijing Airport – Beijing China
    • Contact details: No.9 Xiao Tianzhu Road, Capital International Airport, Beijing, China, 100621 (010-6456-5588)
    • Website: http://www.citichotelbeijing.com/recreation-relaxation/
  • 43-91920QQ_103250212_308n7a9Zxj29350BEIJING PURPLE JADE LAGUNA RESORT
    • Contact details: No.1 Ziyu East Road, 100012 Beijing
    • Website: http://www.purplejade.com.cn/ and http://purplejadeclub.com.cn/en/fw_show.asp?lbid=31&id=25
    • 10-minute drive from Olympic Water Park
    • Contact details: No.39 Shunpingfu Road, Nancai, 101300 Nancai
    • Take a breath outside of Beijing, near Shui Guan Great Wall
    • Contact details: No.53 The Great Wall Exit at Shuiguan Badaling Highway, 102102 Sanbu
    • Website: http://www.communebythegreatwall.com/en
  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing
    • Located at the intersection of Xicheng district and Haidian District.
    • Contact details: No.1 Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing 北京 海淀区 三里河路1号
    • Website: http://www.xiyuanhotelbeijing.cn/facilities.html
    • Website: http://beijing.newworldhotels.com/en/business-leisure/leisure-facilities/

3) Residential compounds with outdoor swimming pool

Usually accessible to non-residents, you will have to pay entrance fee to the swimming pool itself or to the club-house. 

  • SEASONS PARK 海晟名苑  (Dongzhimen, close to Sanlitun)
  • YOSEMITE 优山美地 (4 Yuyang Lu, Houshayu, Shunyi District – 顺义区 – 顺义区后沙峪榆阳路4号)
  • BEIJING RIVIERA 香江花园 (No. 1 Xiang Jiang Bei Lu,, Chao Yang District)
  • RIVER GARDEN 裕京花园 (Shunyi district)
  • DRAGON BAY VILLA龙湾别墅 (Area 21, Wenyu River Villa District, Houshayu Town, Jingshun Lu, Shunyi District – 顺义区, 后沙峪镇温榆河别墅区21号)
  • CATHAY VIEW 观唐别墅 (Shunyi)
  • CAPITAL PARADISE 名都园 (Shunyi)
  • GUANGMING VILLA 光明公寓 (Liangmaqiao)
  • STAR RIVER 星河湾
  • PHOENIX TOWN 凤凰城 (NO.5 Shuguangxili, Sanyuan Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing)
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