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Night Life in Beijing

If you are looking for bars in Beijing to have fun, relax, enjoy the music, dance and of course have a drink with your friends, it’s quite easy in Beijing because it has a very high number of bar streets and night clubs.


Beijing owns three main and popular bar streets to have a drink and a great party. One of the most crowded is situated in the district of Sanlitun, east side of the center infront of Soho place. The next one is HouHai Bar Street situated in DongCheng district which is located on the east part of Chaoyang. The other type of bar street is in Wudaokou which is the Univeristy area of Beijing.

Night Clubs in Beijing are located inside Chaoyang district and open usually daily or from thuesday to saturday.

Opening hours used to be from 6pm to have a drink to late in the morning (5-7am). Some clubs open late too for after dinner (9pm) but they closed late in the morning too.

Check in each link for more information & MAP.



  • Kokomo (Sanlitun Backstreet-Tongli Building, South Entrance, 4thfloor-Chaoyang District)

Latte (Northwest corner of Worker’s Stadium, Gongti Beilu, Tel: 6551-8881/8885, 工人体育场内西北角)

  • Angel Club( No.6 Gongti Xi Lu-Chaoyang-Tel: +86-10-6552-8888)
  • Baby Face Club (No.6 Gongti Xi Lu-South of the Workers’ Stadium west gate-Chaoyang-Tel: (+86-10)6551-9081)
  • Coco Banana (GongTi Xi Lu-Chaoyang district- Tel: (+86-10)8599-9999)
  • Chocolate (Ritan Bei Lu-Chaoyang district-Tel: (+86-10-8561-3988)
  • Mix Club Inside the North gate of the Workers’ Stadium, ChaoYang district. (+86-10)6530-2889/2689)
  • Vics Club (Gongti North Gate East Side- Chaoyang district (+86-10)6553-4392)
  • Punk (No.11 Sanlitun Road-Chaoyang district-Tel: (+86-10)6410-5222)
  • Club Suzie Wong (West Gate of Chaoyang Park-Tel: (+86-10)6500-3377)
  • Club LA (No.8 GongTi West Gate-Chaoyang-Tel: (+86-10)6552-6969/8599-9999)
  • Dao Club (West Triumph Plaza A143 Xi Zhi Men Wai Da Jie XiCheng Distric (West Of Zoo)-Tel: (+86-10)8801-6848)
  • LAN Club (4F Twin Tower, B12 Jianguomen Waidajie-ChaoYang-Tel: (+86-10)5109-6012/6013)


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