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Tian Tan and blue sky, the way to wellness in Beijing ?



This is a recurring topic of this blog, because this is a major concern in Beijing: health. Beijing is a city with heavy pollution with consequences, people get more sensitive to Allergies, in relation with pollen or not. Food is a concern, people try to have organic food when available and people are concerned with health insurance.

Today I want to introduce you a website that gives you a comprehensive guide about healthy live in Beijing, with updated information.

The blog has been running since 2009 and is now a realiable and rich database if you are seeking information about improving the quality of your life in Beijing.

You have a lot of information about Air Pollution, the major concern of people living in Beijing, ith relevant information about air purifiers, how to test the air in your house, masks, ways to measure air pollution.

The site gives as well everything you need to know about your children’s health, milk, illnesses… This is a great guide to parenting.

The siteis full of humour and will definitely be your reference about good living in Beijing, aways think about  your Wellness.

The Website My Health Beijing by Richard Saint Cyr MD





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