Organic vegetables delivered in Beijing

Organic food delivered in Beijing


One of the main concerns of the expatriates in Beijing is the health. A a whole, people are worried about the air, the water, the things they eat, so they tend to mitigate and find ways to have a life as healthy as possible.

A  formula available in Beijing: organic vegetables. This is a way to eat thing you can trust. There are a few places where you can buy organic food in Beijing, but you can have it delivered as well. A company offers this type of product in Beijing, with daily arrivals of high quality products.

The Yunnan Haobao Organic farm is located in Kunming, Yunnan, the city of the eternal spring. The vegetables grow at an altitude 2300 meters above sea level in a certified organic farm.

The certification is Chinese OFDC, Organic Food Developement and Certification Center, a label delivered by the Ministry of Environment Protection, a label that the Yunnan Haobao organic farm has earned for 9 years.

This means a lot of discipline to have the quality maintained at a high level, ensuring that the local environment is actually protected. The local farmers delivering their production to the farm have to be trained to organic food standards and techniques. This is a good opportunity for these farmers to have better income from their fields, through the improved quality.


The Haobao Organic Farm has 10 years of experience and is now developinbg its network, you can have your vegetebales delivered directly at home at Beijing (or you can try the other way around, visit the farm in Yunnan and have a meal there, Haobao Organic Farm has got a restaurant.

Apart from Beijing, the service is available in Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen and, of course, Kunming.

Their hotine is 400-890-9666

You might give it a try, this is a way to have a healthy life in Beijing









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