In a few words : Where do expatriates rent apartments in Beijing ?

You are coming to Beijing, you have no idea where you are going to live. Here is a quick overview of where expatriates live in Beijing. The business districts are essentially centered on the east of Beijing, but not only as you ll see.



Central Business District 北京商务中心区Běijīng shāngwù zhōngxīn qū

This district is modern China on display. The Central Business district in centered on the Guomao subway station, with many headquarters of Chinese and foreign companies. This is the place in Beijing with the highest towers, where the the most world leading companies in Beijing chose to settle. This leads to a very modern urban environment, with many venues and restaurants, cafes, bars and luxury places.


Sanlitun 三里屯Sānlǐtún

The first week end you’ll be in Beijing, it is easy to guess that you’ll discover Sanlitun and its nightlife. This is the place to go out with nightclubs, trendy bars and restaurants, the Sanlitun village which is a large commercial place with luxury brand and symbolizes for Beijing people the opening of China to the world. There is plenty of apartments to rent there, but rents are quite high now in what used to be a diplomatic district. Most of the embassies moved away. North to Liangamiqiao.


Liangmaqiao 亮马桥 Liàngmǎqiáo

The new embassy district. This is another part of Chaoyang, whith the large Sola shopping center that drives many Chinese people and foreigners. Some german companies are settled there as well, such as the Lufthansa with the shopping mall bearing its name.

Chaoyang Park 朝阳公园Chāoyáng gōngyuán

The largest urban park in China (in competition with Shanghai’s) and a neghborhood with many expatriates. This is a nice place close to the lungs of Beijing, something worth it as it offers a little haven with less pollution.


Shuangjing 双井 Shuāng jǐng

South of Beijing CBD, a new extension of Beijing business hub. The rents used to be moderae but they are now getting closer to those of the core of CBD. The area has adapted itself to its new inhabitants, with nice cafes and bars.


Wangjing 望京Wàngjīng

Sight to the capital city, it used to be a village, then a suburb, now finds itself in the Beijing downtown and is going to eveolve again in a new CBD. Watch closely, no other place in Beijng is undergoing such a big change. Home of the South Korean community of Beijing.


Lido 丽都 Lì du

North of Chaoyang. A district with some international schools, more affordable rents. A frequent choice for expatriates in Beijing that want to remain in downtown Beijing while being close to the airport. One of the landmark there is the 798 art district, a nice privilleged place in Beijing.


Shunyi 顺义 Shùnyì

A district with villas, international schools and close to the airport. It is developing fast and has a life of its own, with many expatriates.


All the above districts are located at the east of Beijing, but there is an area at the west of Beijing which is favored by expatriates :


Wudaokou 五道口Wǔdàokǒu

The places in Beijing with the Chinese universities and some IT companies. Expats have chose to settle there when they are studying and working. Now one of the most expansive areas in Beijing. A place with students coming now from all over the world.

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