Education in Chinese Schools

For Chinese citizens from ages 6 to 15, education is required and free.

Further High School education, with a modest tuition fee, ends with the highly competitive Gaokao, the National University entrance examination used to decide which university students can attend with the chosen Degree. We can see a lot of hard-working students in the country but children living in families with a lower level have to help in their business. Families are very proud of their children when they finished High School and expect high mark results. Parents are allowed to choose the type of Centre they want depending on the time they have for their child. A lot of children eat at school and have lessons in the morning and afternoon but others can have lunch at home.

About learning English, it is the first foreign language they learn at school and in Language Centre’s. Other foreign languages are not being taught at school but they have the opportunity to learn them later at University.

Just a small part of the population speaks English or another language but they understand some English words in general. Some cities have their indications and signals written in Modern Chinese so a lot of people are able to read western alphabet.

Other subjects taught since primary are Chinese language, Mathematic, Sports and Music. Popular sports for children are Badminton and Pin-Pon. Music is also very popular including instruments like piano and singing lessons.

Classrooms are composed by 30-40 students which usually have 7 or 8 subjects per day. Relationship with teacher is not so close than maybe in southern Europe. Children have to deal with their teachers always with respect. Examinations take place two times a year, one period before winter and the other before summer at the end of the academic year. It is truth that students are under a lot of pressure when it comes to try to have the best results.


Children in China at School

Public School education is common for Chinese children because private schools used to be too expensive. There is a high class who pays for a private education but in some cases, children need to have parents with different nationalities to be allowed to go to a foreign language centre.

In general, you will find good and International schools in different languages for your children.





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