Chievoo, furniture store in Sanlitun, Beijing


 A good adress in Sanlitun for good quality affordable furniture with style.

The Chievoo store was open seven years ago and is located at the 6th and last floor of the “Sanlitun 3.3 Costume Building”, at the n. 33 of the Sanlitun street (with the name 3.3大厦 in Chinese in case you have to ask. But do not worry: it’s actually easy to find with one access from Sanlitun Steet and anotherfrom Sanlitun Bar Street).


The thruth is that there is not just one Chievoo store there, but three of them, called Chievoo or Chief store with different styles owned by the same company.


The Chievoo shop has its own designers and offers a selection of furniture labelled as “classical”, which means european style furniture designed to fit in every household. The shop is worth visiting with a nice selection of sofas, club chairs, living room furniture, as well as many accessories and decorative items.





They have foreigners designers come from america, germany, danemark, finlandia, france or spain designers. It is made in China.


Our pictures should give you an idea of what you can find but expect more, it is actually quite large and many other items or pieces of furniture can be ordered and even custom-made.


 The shop called “Chief Store” is quite different. Here you can find replicas of famous pieces of design from the 1960s and 1970s, essentially chairs and sofas with the signatures of Ray and Charles Eames, Le Corbusier and many others. This is the ideal place to find furniture with style, an amazing selection of egg chairs and avant-garde sofas. Furniture designs are usually free to be reproduced 25 years after being created.

A third shop is currently about to open, offering as well replicas from the 1960s and 1970s.

We had a warm welcome and an enthusiastic presentation of the store by Alice,who has 2 years experience as a saleswoman in the Chievoo store.


The collections are regularly updated and the store’s presentation is modified every month. At any time, you can buy there all that is necessary when you move to Beijing: chair, sofa, bed, lamp, cushion, decoration, table, ornements, bars…

As a large part of the production is made in southern China, they have a second store in Guangdong (at the South of China).


The customers are mainly foreigner’s people. You have of course a international staff and if you need more information you can ask for Alice.

It’s possible to delivery in Beijing but also in your country anywhere in the world.

Horary hours

Monday-Sunday: 11 am – 10pm all weekdays and weekends











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