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The BISS International School was founded in 1994 and is the oldest International School in Beijing. Approximately 350 students from almost 40 different nationalities develop intercultural relationships in a calm, educational and enjoyable environment. Learning at BISS is always a challenge which takes place in small groups with highly qualified teachers, mother tongue language program for Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and strong academic International Bacclureate.

BISS believes in embracing diversity, respect and stimulate children’s environment to help them making out the best of themselves not only inside the classroom but also in life. Personal excellence and academic rigor combine with active learning and practice are basic pillars of the education at BISS.


Main entrance of BISS


Front outdoor space of the School


The BISS campus is located inside Chaoyang District and involves the entire School from Pre-K to High School years, offering different floors and outdoor spaces for several ages. More than 30 classrooms, two libraries, an auditorium, a cafeteria, an indoor gym, a climbing wall, two outdoor playground’s and a wide outdoor sports field are some of the main facilities.


Outdoor sport facilities


One classroom inside BISS


The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme is designed for students from 3-10 years and is based on encouraging positive attitudes, main subjects and intellectual thinking. From grade 6-10 children take part at Middle Years program which provides lifelong skills and academic excellence. It offers the advantages from having an education in English with personal attention for students. During these years, students are supported by some ESOL teachers and native English speakers to be able to progress during their School years.

Individual and small group teaching and University guidance is also an important part at BISS. Parents and students get guidance and advice from the School Counselor on academic counseling in order to choose the best Faculty for their future. Most students at BISS joined Universities around Asia, UK and US. Students from grades 11 and 12 finish school with the International Baccalaureate Diploma after graduating. All students at BISS work hard in several science, humanities and language chosen subjects to get the IB Diploma or Certificates which are Internationally recognized.

Two girls at BISS

Languages play an essential role at BISS and especially languages from Asian countries like Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Korean Language at native level at BISS started to be offered to students in 2004 to Grade 9-10 and is now taught every Middle School and High School year. Japanese is being offered as native language but also taught from Grade 6-12. Chinese language and culture are essential at School too inside the BISS curriculum in different sections during Elementary and Secondary years. BISS offers Mandarin in about 30 language classes starting from beginners level to native level the for all IB programs: PYP, MYP and DP.

Workshops at BISS are frequent and show students technical skills and practical knowledge. From art to design and IT, every child learns how to design their own project, linked with mathematic and scientific knowledge.

“Students learn a combination of practical and process skills through understanding design, social and environmental issues and industrial practices.”


After School activities take place several days during the week around 4pm inside the campus and also at the National Olympic Sport Center which is located very near. BISS has sports teams for basketball, volleyball, football and also offers the pool at Crown Plaza Hotel at Asian Games Village for their students.

Music was designed at BISS as an elective subject from grade 9 offering also after school activities like choir, the rock band and a variety of instruments such as guitar, flute and piano. Teachers get very involved with those activities and students can also have individualised music lessons.

Arts and Crafts are a main part of BISS’s culture and student’s artistic development. Every course finishes with an art exhibition and the entire school floors are decorated with paintings and sculptures. Students also have the opportunity to get an interview with an external art examiner in order to show their skills.

BISS school 2

music at BISS


The BISS International School has a cafeteria with their own catering service and a complete nutritional menu every day. The menu varied from western to Italian food, offering a a buffet to all students in different lunch hours. Snacks such as sandwiches, fruits and Chinese appetizers are also provided during break time.

BISS recently upgraded a new IT service in the entire campus, providing internet access and MacBook computers for students. Digital projectors are installed in every classroom and are very useful during lessons to provide an online environment.


The cafeteria


A workshop room

A Medical Clinic with a full-time doctor is available at school in order to care about students’ well-being during the day. They offer medical screening and teach the students about maintaining good health.

Even if the BISS is well located, shuttle bus routes pick up students every day. They have two bus services in the afternoon for every student who stays at school dong after school activities such as sport, music or arts.


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