Apartments in Beijing, striking design

In Beijing, apartments with high end interior designs are scarce, essentially in some compounds with high standard. In a very short time span, everything has changed in Beijing and its real estate with 20 years of real estate frenzy. The city has been undrgoing a metamorphosis.

There is a new trend in renovation, but most of the apartments have been built and landlords want to sell them instead than have any repair done. Still, the mood is changing, and comfort, quality of environmen is becoming more important. It is rare to see a well decorted apartment except within one of the luxury compounds that are like havens of comfort inside an ocean of badly built accomodation.

Some residences can be enumerated with striking interior designs, and real successes. This is the case for example of Grand Moma, located in Dobgsihmen, drawn by the american architect Steve Holl. The whole real estate project is really open, with colorful passages linked by platforms above thge street. These is a subtle play with colours, this is as well a place to live in with cafes close to the water this is one of the largest achievements, a movie theater with a strong relationshp with the cinema, the director Yang Zhimou has offered apartments inside this compound to all the employees of hois production studio.

Another residence with interesting design : Victoria Garden, designed by the australian architect Bates Smart. The apartments are full of light and they are among the most spectacular in Beijing. This is true as well of Sanlitun SOHO, a place you can’t miss in Beijing, close to Sanlitun Village, the interface between Beijing and the world, a workk by the architect Kengo Kuma. A very recent compound with high end design is Metropolis, a project design by Neri & HU and managed by Vanke, the largest residential real estate developer in China. To give an idea of these Beijing inside decorations, several photographs taken by Fang Zhenming inside Beijing SOHO Residences.

It is even possible to find magnificient apartments in Beijing inside the historical hutongs, in these maze of little streets with little stalls and small restaurants are hidden magnificiently redecorated places. Some of them with a classical style reminiscent of the Beijing ancient craftmanship. The traditonal style of northeastern China features sculpture in wood or stone above the doorstep, callygraphy, inside pools and stone gardens. Some young architects try something more contemporary, sometime in harmony with the style of these places. Some pieces of at can be seen, such as the Bubble 32 project by Ma Yansong of the MAD agency.

About Villas, you have some magnificient projects around Beijing. Some are magnificiently renovated in Tang or Ming renovation style. Among more contemporarary projects, the Hongluo villa, located north of Beijing another MAD architects project.


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