All what you need to know about the new 100 RMB bill!

From November 2015, China will issue an upgraded 100 RMB bill to improve anti-counterfeiting features : Colour-changing ink and additional serial number… Let’s discover together more about the new 100 RMB bill !

Indeed counterfeit money has been growing tremendously in the past year: from 329 million yuan in 2012 to  532 million yuan last year.


2015 100 RMB bill

“Mao” side of the bill

1. Cancel the coupon on the right touch line gravure

2. Cancel invisible digital coupon to the right of the denomination

3.  Cancel the optical variable ink denomination figures lower left corner of the face

4.  Color changing for the “100” number in the center, from golden to green depending on the angle

5. New security line on the right: the color will change from hot pink to green when exposed to increasing light.

6. Added identification number vertically on the right side

7. Right corner of the bill:  the number 100 will be changed from horizontal to vertical figures, and some adjustments will be made on the number font style.

8. Central medallion flower centre changed from orange-red color to purple, pale blue wreath ouside the flowers is canceled, and floral patterns wiring shape has been adjusted.

9. Offset printing pattern “100” at the left bottom: can be seen if the bill is held up at the light.

10. At the left side of Mao’s visage: there is a big cat standing with mouth open. Its eyes are like Chinese old time coins, staring at front.




unnamedBack side of the bill

  1.  Coupon reign changed to “2015”

2. Cancel the right of the holographic magnetic windowed security line and the lower right corner anti-copy pattern

3. Adjust the denomination number font style, color and decorative patterns coupon in transparency changed.

4. Added uneven texture on the Great Hall of the people drawing.







HSBC China customer newsletter: 新版人民币知识宣传

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