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The British School of Beijing follows the English National Curriculum, used by over 30.000 schools in the United Kingdom and in other International Schools abroad. It also offers the same type of education as other Nord Anglia British Schools around the world, fact that makes these schools unique together with the academic achievements of placing their students at the world’s top 30 Universities and ending with a 93% pass rate examination results at the A-level examinations for BSB students.

“The school is founded on one simple bedrock: traditional family values of respect, good manners, good behaviour and high expectations.”

BSB kids

The BSB philosophy wants to ensure all students to be able to achieve their will being responsible, confident, honest and respectful, making the most out of their school experience to have a successful future. The School always encourages their students to extend their intellectual and physical abilities with sciences, languages and after school activities such as sport teams, arts, acting or a future music career.


The English National Curriculum provides benefits with a rigorous training followed by all students from Primary Years up to High School but with some differences and learning levels inside the system:

BSB girls

During Primary and Early Years, children learn several main subjects through Key Stages 1 and 2, always having a great and familiar relationship with their form teacher and learning how to live with their classmates. Secondary School starts by teaching Key Stage 3 and 4 programs which offers varied subject packs such as humanities, languages, sciences and arts, finishing with exams in order to achieve the IGCSE qualifications that are recognized worldwide.

The A-level studies take part during the last two High School years in order to prepare students for their future university studies. The BSB runs the English National Curriculum which makes this education worldwide recognized and helpful when the time comes for choosing the bests Universities. The British system is one of the best education systems in the world, being adaptable around the world and offering not only a native English speaking education but also offering Mandarin, French, Spanish, German and Finnish in a high level. Tutoring, small groups of classes and special support is always given by high qualified teachers in case of necessity.


One Middle School classroom

One Middle School classroom

One sciences lab

One sciences lab

University guidance

Uni guide BSBThe British School of Beijing is highly concern about student’s guidance and future planning. Form tutors care for each students at BSB to help them with their academic progress and getting involved with commitment. University applications are also an essential part at the BSB because of the fact that the School wants their students to be able to get into their chosen College.

Even if it is around Europe, US or Asia, the head of Sixth Form and University Counselor guides parents and students together to decide an appropriated Faculty.


The BSB has two campuses around the city of Beijing: the Sanlitun campus for Early Years and Primary School and the wide Shunyi campus for Middle School up to High School.

The Sanlitun campus for BSB students from ages between 2-11 years is located in the centre of this modern area. It has a convenient location but also offers great sport facilities: a football field, gym, assembly hall, additional football, tennis and basketball courts and a climbing playground area.

Sanlitun campus of the BSB

Sanlitun campus of the BSB

The Shunyi campus, located in the suburbs is brand new and for students between 12-18 years. The BSB offers here Middle and High School years with facilities such as specific classrooms for arts, sciences and languages and sport facilities such as: two outdoor football fields, basketball and tennis courts, two climbing children’s playground, indoor swimming pool, cricket nets, several indoor gym’s and a 230 seat theatre for performances and events.


The Shunyi campus


theatre BSB




Students are actively encouraged to think and work in a creative way, making the most out of their potential skills and favorite activities. Sport is very important at BSB, having several events during the entire school year, competitions against other schools and great facilities. Professional cricket nets, two football fields, basketball and tennis courts, a 25 metres swimming pool, gyms and a dance studio are available during classes and after school. The British School hosted annual dance competitions and integrates dance within the curriculum. Drama performances and arts also take place as part of a creative program. Arts and Crafts are integrated inside the curriculum and encourage students design and creativity during their years at BSB.

bristish school beijing music

BSB sports

BSB swimming pool

BSB swimming pool


Students at BSB enjoy a school trip every year which is carefully planned depending on the Year and challenge. From a journey to the mountains, a sky trips or sightseeing around China, every student enjoys the excursions and make strong relationships with their school friends and teachers.

“Trips help to bring learning alive and provide children with a practical perspective on what they are learning. Teachers often organise a visit before children begin a new topic, to provide a sense of purpose and excitement in advance of the work that they undertake in the classroom.”

ski trip BSB

cayak BSB


At BSB a friendly and prepared medical staff provides health and welfare for all students. Beijing Air Quality is also checked every morning in order to organize outdoor sport and leisure activities.

Behaviour and social graces are very important at the British School: The School involves a community of parents, students and teachers ready to help in several local charity events such as “The Special commune”, book and bake sales and donations during Christmas. NordStar is Nord Anglia Education’s community investment programme where all charitable initiatives across the family are united and maximised through donations of time, expertise and financial grants.

School meals at the BSB have a varied menu every day, offering western style food, Italian, Asian dishes, sandwiches and desserts. Special vegetarian menus, diets, gluten free or especial allergies lunches are also available together with fresh vegetables, fruits, yoghurts and fat free ingredients. The School wants to ensure a healthy and varied diet. Here you can have a look on the daily lunch menu.

Shuttle bus service is also available for the Sanlitun and Shunyi campus every morning, picking up students from most of all expat compounds and villa areas. Check here the Sanlitun or Shunyi bus services.

Contacts and Admission:

The British School of Beijing

The British School of Beijing

Sanlitun Campus:

5 Xiliujie, Sanlitun Road (Chaoyang District), Beijing 100027

北京英国学校(三里屯小学部):中国北京市朝阳区三里屯西六街5号, 邮编:100027

Tel: (+8610) 8532-3088/Fax: (+8610) 8532-3089

Shunyi Campus:

South Side, No.9 An Hua Street (Shunyi District), Beijing 101318


Tel: (+8610) 8047 3588/Fax: (+8610) 8047 3598/99


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