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If you are looking for sport leisure, culture and other free time activities, Beijing is a city full of offers and interesting things to do with friends or with your family. You can join a sport team, practice yoga and martial arts in the gym, enjoy theater or an acrobatic show and maybe spend one Sunday in Chaoyang Park.

Chaoyang Park

The construction of this park, known as Sun Park, began in 1984 and has a total area of 288.7 hectares including the water surface zones of 68.2 hectares. Situated between the modern area of Sanlitun and the Fourth Ring Road, the Park offers a lot of different leisure activities and has a permanent fair, an artificial Beach and water park, a 4D movie theater, an adventure park for kids and a varied amount of stalls with gifts, candies and food. If you love roller coaster, bikes and cars, Chaoyang Park is the best choice because it offers a roller park, several streets and gardens to ride a bike and a bumper cars place.

During the summer it is the best place to have a nice picnic with your friends and family or maybe enjoy the swimming pool, located near Dongsihuan Beilu

The Park opens daily from 6:30am-9pm but each activity has a different price.

A ticket for enjoying the open spaces in Chaoyang Park is 5 RMB (kids under 1,20cm free)

The ticket for the Beach and Water Park costs 120 RMB weekend and 80 RMB weekdays. Opening hours are from 9:30am-9pm.

The Happy Monkey Tree Top Adventure Park is 50-240 RMB depending on the attraction and opens from 9am-9pm. It is situated 200m from the East gate of the Park.

4D Movie Theater inside the Park is 25 RMB and opens from 9am-5pm.

Beijing Zoo and Aquarium


Founded in 1906, the Beijing Zoo covers 86 hectares and has around 5000 animals in their gardens and 1000 species in the Aquarium. The Zoo welcomes over 5 million visitors every year and is an alternative option for spending a nice day inside the wildlife. The adventure begins in Exit C of subway line 4 which emerges right outside the east entrance of the Zoo. The different areas of the Zoo include an Education and Conservation Centre for children with an additional cost of 10 RMB, the Children’s Zoo for also 10 RMB, the Beijing Aquarium if you do not pay the complete ticket.

The Giant panda House is the most popular attraction in the Zoo and is open to everyone for 10 RMB from 8am-6pm. Kids under 1.20cm can see the pandas for free as well as the Aquarium which is open daily from 9am-5pm.

We can enjoy the Zoo and Aquarium located near Xizhimenwai Dajie Road for 130 RMB.

It costs 15 RMB and 8 RMB for only visiting the Zoo area. Opening hours varied depending on the period but the Zoo is open daily. In summer it is open from 7:30am-6pm and in winter from 7:30am-5pm.

It’s an amazing experience for the whole family.


If one of your favorite leisure is to watch movies, there are some good cinemas in Beijing. Cinemas are Cineplex which incorporate at most 8 screens; you may find new release (U.S/Chinese). If you want to enjoy a good Chinese movie, you do not need to worry, most of the time the English subtitles are available. Of course, if your Chinese is very good, don’t consider our last information. See below the list of cinemas:

  • UME Cineplex, This Cineplex is opening during all day and has 3 cinemas in Beijing (The ticket price is start from RMB30).

One is situated in Viva Building at ShuangJing 双井(subway line 10, get off to exit A), one is located in An Zhen 安贞, and one in HuaXing 华星.

  • Mega Box,;

In Beijing, you can find this Cineplex in 2 different locations. One is in ZhongGuanCun 中关村, Haidian District (subway line 4, in the north-west of the center of Beijing), and the other cineplex is located in SanLiTun (三里屯) Village.

Wanda International Cineplex:


In Beijing you will find some theaters with famous performances such as Acrobatic but also the Peking Opera, Dramatic and Chinese Kung-Fu shows. Ballet, Dance and concerts are also in the programme.

Enjoy these performances; it would be a good leisure for your nightlife in Beijing.

  • National Grand Theater of China (国家大剧院) No.2, West Chang’An Avenue, XiCheng district.

(+86-10)6655-0989 Informations Ballet, Opera, Concert, Dance…

  • Chang’An Grand Theater (长安大戏院)

No.7 JianGuoMenNei Street, DongCheng district. (+86-10)6510-1309/1310 Peking Opera, Drama, Orchestra..

  • Liyuan Theater (梨园剧场)

No.175 YongAn Road, Xuan Wu district. (+86-10)6301-6688. Peking Opera

Lao She Tea House老舍茶馆

No.3 QianMen West Street, XuanWu district.


  • Huguang Guild Hall

No.3 Hugan Lu, XuanWu district. (+86-10)6351-8284 Peking Opera


No.14 DongZhiMen Street, DongCheng district. (+86-10)6506-5345. Opera, Concert, Drama, Ballet…

  • ChaoYang Theater (Chinese version)

No.36 North East Thrid Ring Road, ChaoYang district. 186-0002-9225 Flying Acrobatic Show

  • Beijing Playhouse

No.22 International Art Plaza, Trojan House theatre (unit #6-031)

  • Beijing Red Theater

No.44 XingFu Da Jie ChongWen district.

(+86-10)6710-3671 Chinese KungFu

  • Beijing Tiandi Theater天地剧场

No.10 DongZhiMen South Street, DongCheng district.

(+86-10)6502-3984 Acrobatic Show.

  • China Puppet Theater

A1 Anhua Xili, ChaoYang district.



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