Crossing streets in Beijing: Crackdown on Jaywalking, a 10 RMB fine from April, 10th 2013


This is today’s topic on the social networks Weibo and Weixin, the Beijing authorities have launched a new campain against Chinese-style crossing of streets.

Be careful of the way you 过马路 guò mǎlù, now it can cost a 10 RMB fine.

The crackdown has been announced in the Chinese medias and it really seems that the police intends to enforce it, the presence of policement watching more than 150 traffic lights on Beijing streets is beijing reported this morning.

The most controversial topic so far is that people stuck in the middle of Beijing wide streets because of a red light as they started to cross the street when it was still green have to pay the fine.

These measure have been taken after a long controversy in the medias (ex China Daily on tuesday) and social networks about “crossing the street the Chinese way” 中国式过马路 “, starting a few months ago. The topic was beijing taken seriously by the Chinese medias because of the amazingly high death toll caused by traffic accidents involving pedestrians. Similar measures have been taken in Chinese cities during the last months (in Nanjing, the fine is 20RMB).



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