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Today, you receive more emails than nice hand written letters, you worry less about catalogs and other advertising materials  because you receive thousands of mailings in your inbox, e-invoices & bank e-statements are now the rule… In China, delivery services are also quite flexible for delivery time and anyway, you can still ask for your order to be delivered at the management office of your building. If you need to send a letter or a package, your Chinese colleagues will help you in the office.

China PostLet’s say that you could live in Beijing without Post Office, but it is always good to know the location of Post Offices in Beijing: You may need to send a gift to your home country or send post cards from Beijing to your family… 

Where are located Post Offices in Beijing?

You can find a list of Post Offices located in Dongcheng, Xicheng, and Chaoyang districts. For other post offices, please refer to the website of BEIJING POST. Most post offices are open daily from 08:30-09:30 to 16:00-18:00.

Dongcheng district
Chinese Address: 北京市朝阳区金台北街6号(暂与朝阳区局合署办公)
Pinyin Address : jīn táiběi jiē 6 hao, Chaoyang district
Post code: 100026
Phone: 010-65005780
Dongcheng district
Chinese Address : 北京市东城区体育馆路7号
Pinyin Address : tǐyùguǎn lù 7 hào, Chaoyang district
Phone: 010-67133785
Dongcheng district
Chinese Address: 北京市东城区东总布胡同19号
Pinyin Address : dōng zǒng bù hútòng 19 hào
Phone: 010-64037171
Dongcheng district
Chinese Address: 北京市东城区和平里中街3号院底商3-4
Pinyin Address: hépíng lǐ zhōng jiē 3 hào yuàn dǐ shāng 3-4
Phone: 010-84216298
Dongcheng district
Chinese Address: 北京市朝阳区金台北街6号306室
Pinyin Address: jīn táiběi jiē 6 hào 306 shì
Phone: 010-65868077
Dongcheng district
Chinese Address: 北京市东直门北大街清水苑小区
Pinyin Address: dōngzhímén běi dàjiē qīngshuǐ yuàn xiǎoqū
Phone: 010-64615680
Xicheng district
Chinese Address: 西城区南礼士路头条五号
Pinyin Address: nán lǐ shì lù tóutiáo wǔ hào
Phone: 010-68023282
Xicheng district
Chinese Address: 西城区阜城门北大街19号阜城门邮政支局南四楼
Pinyin Address: fù chéng mén běi dàjiē 19 hào fù chéng mén yóuzhèng zhījú nán sì lóu
Phone: 010-88375537
Xicheng district
Chinese Address: 海淀区三里河路21号二层
Pinyin Address: Hǎidiàn qū sānlǐ hé lù 21 hào èr céng
Phone: 010-68308030
Xicheng district
Chinese Address: 西城区西直门南大街甲18号
Pinyin Address: xīzhímén nán dàjiē jiǎ 18 hào
Phone: 010-66183072
Xicheng district
Chinese Address:石景山区石景山路52号新古城邮政支局四层
Pinyin Address: Shíjǐngshān qū shíjǐngshān lù 52 hào xīn gǔchéng yóuzhèng zhījú sì céng
Phone: 010-68861562
Xicheng district
Chinese Address: 西城区西四南大街16号
Pinyin Address: xī sì nán dàjiē 16 hào
Phone: 010-68011645
Chaoyang district
Chinese Address: 朝阳区金台北路6号 - 邮政编码:100026
Pinyin Address: jīn táiběi lù 6 hào
Phone: 010-65006027
Chaoyang district
Chinese Address: 北京市朝阳区安慧北里安园小区7号楼 - 邮编:100101
Pinyin Address: ānhuì běilǐ ān yuán xiǎoqū 7 hào lóu
Phone: 010-64370520
Chaoyang district
Chinese Address: 北京市朝阳区安贞里2区18楼 - 邮编:100029
Pinyin Address: ān zhēn lǐ 2 qū 18 lóu
Phone: 010-84109220
Chaoyang district
Chinese Address: 工体北路(装修未入住)- 邮编:100004
Pinyin Address: Gōng tǐ běi lù
Phone: 010-65137657
Chaoyang district
Chinese Address: 北京市朝阳区金台路北街6号308室 - 邮编:100026
Pinyin Address: jīn tái lù běi jiē 6 hào 308 shì
Phone: 010-65860266
Chaoyang district
Chinese Address: 北京市朝阳区建国路91号金地国际花园会所首层 - 邮编:100022
Pinyin Address: jiànguó lù 91 hào jīndì guójì huāyuán huìsuǒ shǒu céng
Phone: 010-57381671

Services available in Post Offices

  1. 240px-中国邮政速递物流Express mail: EMS or Express Mail Services for quick delivery of mail (including next day services).
    1. Express delivery within China Mainland for the fast delivery of documents and packages. 
    2. Domestic Economy Express service for safe delivery of valuable goods. 
    3. Next Morning Delivery.
    4. Domestic Expedited Parcel (Mainly transported by road)
  2. International express mail for posting parcels, letters and documents overseas.
    1. International Express Mail service for posting documents, letters and goods: You can track your mailing from the website.
    2. China International Express is another option for international postage with good tracking facilities. 
    3. International Parcel service for sending parcels and packages around the world. 
  3. Other Post Office services: Like anywhere in the world, Post companies diversified the offer. In China, you can book flight, send personalized greetings cards, receive newspaper and subscribe to magazine, realize online payment, book hotel and shop online.


Prepare your visit to the Post Office!

Queuing at post office in BeijingUnless you are a very lucky person, you will not meet English speaking staff in post offices. You’d better speak a little bit of Chinese or make sure you have all the information written.

The staff will first have to copy the address on a template and then encode it in the computer: as the staff is not used to write Latin characters, you will feel it last for an eternity. Double check the information and even more carefully if you hand- wrote the information. In case you  send a letter in China, make sure you have the contact details in Chinese characters!  

You will also need to give your contact details: bring your home address in Chinese characters.

Sending a letter < 20 g will cost you less than 10 RMB (international aviation mailing). You can find all the rates from the China Post Website, section Rates. 

If you are shipping goods, the staff will have to check what you are sending and if they are not sure, they will refuse you the shipment. Don’t close the packaging otherwise, you will have to reopen it. You can purchase boxes from the post office and you will find crumpled newspaper.


 Buying stamps 马甸 in Beijing

Most of letters will be sent with a printed stamp, but if you are into philately or if you prefer a real stamp rather than a sticker, you will have to make a special inquiry. Stamps are not available in all post offices. You may also need to order in advance if you need many (~20 stamps).

By the way, post offices also do sell postcards. Like stamps, postcards are not sold at every corner of the street, you can buy at sights, post offices and in some international book stores (Page One…).

By the way, for philatelists, you may purchase limited editions Chinese stamps from the China National Philatelic Center.


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