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For Western people landing in Beijing, recycling batteries is an habit and we are surprised not to see battery recycling containers in the locations we used to (supermarkets, lobby of residence compounds…). In many Western countries, batteries are still collected, without differentiation between mercury-free batteries and other loaded in heavy metals.


Batteries types


Normal batteries

a347eb8df358497fb1d8f9633f1a6badIn China, only batteries containing high amount of heavy metals have to be recycled, as per law: since 2006, selling disposable batteries with mercury higher than national no-mercury standards is forbidden.

According to officials, thanks to the strict regulations on mercury content (< 0.0001 percent) implemented since 2006, there is not need to sort batteries and citizens should put used batteries in their domestic garbage bin: “Small quantities of used batteries mixed together with domestic waste can be allowed to decompose with little environmental impact. However, if large volumes of used batteries are not processed properly, they can cause mercury pollution in a localized area. Hence, without qualified treatment facilities, these used batteries should not be collected on a large scale“.

Actually, alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of with normal household waste in many countries, but citizens may not be aware of it… 


Lead acid batteries

attachment-001_logistiek-image-BIK5430I01-272x204Lead acid batteries are used in vehicles and bicycles and they need to be replaced on a regular basis, as their autonomy decreases over time. Manufacturers are supposed to collect and recycle those batteries.

Rechargeable batteries should also be recycled.





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