Association des Familles Franco-Chinoises

association des familles franco-chinoisesThis family association is a community for mixed couple families of French and Chinese origin living in Beijing. The association wants to bring closer both cultures and help families to have a good time sharing their habits. The French-Chinese Family Association also wants to provide a friendly and supportive environment for all these families who have to get by with complex and cultural issues.

The Association is not lucrative with several objectives such as: organizing meetings for French-Chinese families in Beijing, providing useful and interesting information for their members and representing the entire community as good as possible trying to help them reaching a connection with other Institutions.

The entire Association team works together in order to make the best out of every event and cultural conference for all members. Their main purpose is to encourage a general interest for the association and the culture between French and Chinese people.

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Contact the Association

Phone: 136 93 67 37 70

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