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Rent an apartment in the Chaoyang Park and Liangmaqiao neighborhoods.

Chaoyang district is among the richest urban areas in the whole Asia. For practical reasons and because these places do have real appeal, Chaoyang Park and Lufthansa are a popular choice among expatriates looking for an apartment in Beijing.

Apartments for rent are available both for short-term duration and long term-duration, but be warned that the choice you'll have and the conditions of the rental will usually be much better for long term contracts. The great advantages you have in living in those districts is that they are in the economic heart of the capital city while beijing rather green. Chaoyang Park and Lufthansa are very developed areas, foreigners and westerners find themselves very quickly at ease there, with less necessary cultural adjustments than in other places.

Rent an apartment close to Chaoyang Park and breathe in Beijing

View of Chaoyang Park from Palm Springs compound

With 280 hectares of surface area, 68 hectares of articial lakes, Chaoyang Park is the largest urban park in Asia (however, this should change in 2015 with extension of the Gucun Park in Shanghai, following the eternal rivalry between the two cities).

The park comprises large green spaces, areas with trees, floral gardens but it is designed for leisure as well: you can practice sport, ride a rollercoaster, listen to music and soon enjoy the large ferris wheel.

Green spaces are the best assets of this area and the apartment you rent in Beijing will be close to the park, but, in addition to it, many compounds have their own garden and green spaces. Besides, the area has rivers: the canal that brings the water to Chaoyang Park and the Liangma River. Overall, Chaoyang Park is a rather protected environment that will enhance your quality of life in Beijing.

Some residences have designed recessed entrances, a little bit apart from the street and from transport axis. This favorites a healthy life environment with calm atmosphere inside the compound, for example in Victoria Garden (Park 15) 维多利亚花园公寓, Parkway Court No 9 九号公寓 出租 and Golf Palace 高尔夫公寓.

Rent an apartment in a friendly district and a window on the world

Beijing apartment, Illustration for Chaoyang , Palm Springs clubhouse

You can life next to Chaoyang Park and keep a western lifestyle in Asia. To do some shopping, at the northwest of Chaoyang Park, you can go to the Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park, a commercial center in which you'll find international brands, restaurants, theatres and a "Kids Town". Next to the shopping mall is the "Lucky Bar Street", with a long line of bars and cafés 蓝色港湾幸福街.

Some good nightclubs in the neighborhood: Suzy Wong's Night Club, Juicy Spot Night Club and Black Sun 黑太阳.

If you are looking for foreign food and international grocery brands: Carrefour 家乐福 further east from Chaoyang Park, on Yaojiayuan Road, April Gourmet grocery store 绿叶子食品店, next to Park Avenue Residence, Yaojiayuan road and Jenny Lou's 婕妮璐, Chaoyang Park West Gate.

Rent an apartment at the West Gate of Chaoyang Park in Beijing

Apartment to rent West Gate of Chaoyang Park

Chaoyang west Gate is a residential area with a cluster of luxury residences. Still, some of the residences do have good value for money there:

This is a dream location to rent your apartment in Beijing in a quiet and protected environment, for example in : Finally, a bit further north from this cluster of residences is :

Rent an apartment in Beijing, east of Chaoyang Park

Apartment east of Chaoyang Park

This area east of Chaoyang Park is waiting to be renovated. The accommodation in this district is very diverse; it shows how Beijing looked like before the ambitious rehabilitation programs that underwent in the east of the capital city: outdated residential areas, non-renovated Hutongs. The inhabitants that are moving to this area belong to the rising Chinese middle-class longing to live close to east Beijing business hubs and workplaces while having a reasonable rent.

However, anticipating future develpements, several luxury real estate projects have been settled there, high end apartments and beautiful villas destined to expatriates and wealthy Chinese citizens. In this area, we have made the following selection of compounds that offer apartments to rent:

  • Fancy Land 金隅凤麟洲 is a brand new residence offering apartments to rent in the area, as well as
  • Oceanwide International 泛海国际,which is a good opportunity to rent very large modern apartments with cheaper rental prices.
  • Green lake Place 观湖国际,located south-east of Chaoyang Park is surrounded by green areas and is a really family friendly location, with games for children. The advantage is moresurface space with a cheaper rental. There is a Jenny Lou's grocery nearby.

Rent an apartment in Beijing south of Chaoyang Park

Apartment to rent West Gate of Chaoyang Park

South of Chaoyang Park, a cluster of high standard residences view on the park, calm neighborhood, Chinese shops and supermarkets. Besides, a Jenny Lou's and an April Gourmet grocery store are very close. These residences close to the park include their own green spaces and are very well adapted for families with kids in Beijing. If you are in this situation, you will be interested in renting an apartment in :

These two residences offer magnificent apartment in a very convenient location in Beijing.
There is a residence impressivef because of the luxury of its great clubhouse: Two other residences propose comfortable apartments in this rather convenient location:
  • Hua Yang Jia Yuan 华阳家园 and
  • Li Shui Garden 丽水嘉园.

An apartment in Beijing next to the Lufthansa Center (Liangmaqiao), diplomatic district

North of Chaoyang is another area where expatriates in Beijig are looking for apartment rentals, the district called "Lufthansa", named after the large shopping Mall with offices and hôtels wich accomodates the Chinese headquarters of the german airline company. One of the three diplomatic districts in Beijing is located in this area as well, with many major embassies, including United-States, Japan, South Korea, France, Israel, India, Qatar, Malaysia...

This is a district undergoing a transition. Many new buildings are being established and the urbanism is getting up to date but large surfaces of land are still inoccupied. Besides, security measures around embassies results in blocked streets and it is sometimes necessary to make a wide detour. This is a very compartimentalized district and communication can be difficult between very close areas.

An apartment close to Lufthansa Center, major Landmark in modern Beijing

Apartment east of Chaoyang Park

The Lufthansa Center is among the largest luxury Shopping Malls in Beijing, and one of the oldest. Now, a few years after its opening, it is exposed to an increasing competition with massive opening of luxury department’s stores and shopping malls all over Beijing. Still, it remains a major landmark for expatriates in Beijing, as well as for the local population. It is a useful and attractive address, with luxury retail shops, restaurants, cafés...

To buy some clothes, especially cheap ones, another good address: " Lady Street " Nuren Jie 女人街. Hundreds of little shops with clothes and jewelry spread in a network of little streets where you can buy and bargain.

The Liangma Flower Market 亮马花卉市场 will enable you to buy flowers and plants to decorate your apartment in Beijing. The place is really attractive and once you'll have been there you won't be able to but flowers anywhere else.

International Schools in range of your apartment in Beijing Lufthansa

The district does not features that many international schools, but it is a reasonable distance between the business hubs at its sout west and the international schools area at the east. In between, Lufthansa can be a good choice or a location to rent an apartment in Beijing. Shuttles will pick and drop off the chidren.

There is two important international schools in the Lufthansa district: the German School (Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking) and the Canadian International School, 38 Liangmaqiao Road.

Your apartment in Lufthansa area around Liangma Road

Apartment to rent West Gate of Chaoyang Park

Ideally located for diplomats and embassy personnel, the area features high standard residences, some of them with high security.

For example, youl'll have the opportunity to rent your apartment in :

A nice family friendly residence ideal to rent an apartment in Beijing is:

Your apartment on Xiaoyun Road

Apartment east of Chaoyang Park

North of Liabgmaqiao are located a few compounds.

  • Ocean Express 远洋新干线 and
  • Ocean Honored Château 远洋公馆 are cheaper compounds, close to Sanyuanqiao, well located for diplomatic personnel.
  • No. 8 Palace 霄云里八号 is a beautiful compound but the current access to it is very difficult because of the large number of surrounding construction work.
  • No. 8 Royal Park 霄云路八号 is a magnificient high luxury compound with large apartments, expansive and with a direct access to Beijing 4th ring road.

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