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Abacare Insurance is an International company created in Hong Kong in order to advise on medical, life and general insurance especially around Asia. Nowadays, Abacare offers International medical insurance to expatriate people and their families and covers also for International companies. If you are living abroad it is important to verify that all your health care necessities are covered the way they should be.

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Abacare offers the following services for their insurance in Asia:

Professional and friendly advice to provide you with medical quotations, subscription and administrative follow up, help with policy handling, individual claim assistance and of course any help with local and International hospitals in order to make any health care process for their clients as easy as possible. Abacare offers different health care plans with an entire range of services. You will be able to choose whatever you need from emergency assistance to dental care and pregnancy. Only in Beijing, Abacare offers health insurance to more than 700 clients and 80 groups.

Interview in Abacare with Imad Baatiche

Beijing Account Manager:



What do I have to know about health care in Beijing?

Health care in Beijing does not always reach International standards. Chinese public hospitals are crowded and foreigners must contract a International health Insurance for sure. Private international hospitals and clinics around Beijing are well equipped and offer high quality treatments and health care with qualified doctors.

The main problem is the high cost of medical treatment in Asia. All hospitals and clinics in Beijing are privately founded but there is no restriction on who they are allowed to treat. In some cases of emergency, the fact to have a direct billing by your insurer can be really necessary. In case of accident, illness or major problem you need to call your insurance to be treated in a private hospital and make sure your health plan includes your health need. For all this process and more, Abacare helps you and your entire family.

What type of clients wants Abacare to reach with their Health Insurance services?

In China Abacare wants to reach especially foreign people which means expatriate workers and their families. The reason is simple: foreigners in China need to contract a health insurance in order to be covered and International companies also provide these insurance to their workers and family members. Sometimes foreign people in China like students or interns have already a health insurance contract before coming but it does not cover all health services and a few of them only are valid within a period of 3 month for example.

Which countries and services are included around the World?

Abacare covers every country around the world including USA even if the medical background in this country is more complicated. United States has the highest budget regarding health cover but Abacare offers you some extra covering possibilities. If you are going to spend your holidays in United States, you can have Emergency treatment insurance

What type of Insurance plans does Abacare have?

Abacare works with several insurer. Depending on the clients’ personal situation, his age and his health needs, they advise to take different plans: Some health care insurance plans only include internal assistance and emergency care at the hospital. If you are going to need for sure dental service or any other health specialist they recommend you larger health plans.

In some benefits options, there is always a waiting period before to be covered and make claims. For example, maternity benefits apply to 10 months waiting periods All medical insurance plans offer guaranteed renewability and consistent premiums.

Most of insurance companies don’t cover pre-existing condition. Everything should be taken into consideration because in some cases, it is better to pay for more services than having problems later with the insurance.

With how many Hospitals and Clinics do you have a health network?

Abacare has some contact with 28 different private health Centres in Beijing to provide the best possible health care to their clients. Every hospital offers International standard services and of course attention in several languages. Depending on the area you are staying in Beijing and the health service you need, Abacare can assure you different treatments and facilities.


Here you can check the list of Hospitals in Beijing:

Beijing 21st Century Hospital

Beijing New World Eaton Medical Center

Beijing United Family Healthcare New Hope Oncology Center

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinic

Beijing United Family Liangma Clinic

Beijing United Family Shunyi Clinic

International Medical Center

Puhua International Clinic

Vista Clinic

Amcare Outpatient Service Center (Pediatrics & Gynecology)

Amcare Women’s & Children’s Hospital

Angel Hospital for Women & Children

Angel Hospital for Women & Children

Beijing Aier-Intech Eye Hospital

Beijing American-Sino OB/GYN/Pediatrics Hospital

Beijing Bayley & Jackson Medical Center

Beijing Best Vision Clinic

Beijing Friendship Hospital – International Division

Beijing New Century Harmony Pediatric Clinic

Beijing Wuzhou Women’s Hospital

Bo Ai Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic

Bo Ai Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

China-Japan Friendship Hospital

General Hospital of Beijing PLA Military Region – Foreigner’s Wing

Jing Xin Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic

New Century International Children’s Hospital

Orient Care Clinic

Peking Union Medical College Hospital – International Medical Service

Peking Union Medical College Hospital – International Medical Service – OB&GYN Department



Tel: + 86 139 1171 4307

E-mail: imad.baatiche@abacaregroup.com

Homepage: www.abacaregroup.com

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