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Zhong Breizh is a Breton Association created by foreign French people from brittany in Beijing to share their culture and interests. Brittany is a region in France located north-west among the Atlantic coast. The land has a total area of 34,023 km² and it is bordered by the English Channel to the north and the Bay of Biscay to the south. Some important cities in the region are Nantes and Rennes without forgetting the Island of Ushant which links the region with the United Kingdom.

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The association is especially interested in Celtic culture and likes to expand their Breton traditions in China. On the official website you will be able to read some interesting information about the region of Brittany in France, their music, celebrations and all about Celtic legends. They also organize activities for parents and children in the French School in Beijing, located in Sanlitun.

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The Zhong Breizh Association always tries to be close to their people and show their culture with food tasting and collaboration with other foreign communities in Beijing like for example a whisky tasting with the Irish community. The Breton Association also runs business dinners and is regularly in touch with a wide network of companies in Beijing.

The Associations also promotes their pictures and current affairs in the homepage, the website of the General French Associations in Beijing but also in several communication Medias. Zhong Breizh takes part in April 2012 during the Expat show in Beijing and receives the first prize of the Etrevroadel competition in 2012 for the dedication and all actions done since the foundation of the Association.

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Some events are for example:

La fête de la Chandeleur:

This party has been organized in February with the other French Associations in Beijing in order to celebrate French traditions and give people the opportunity to meet in a foreign country. Last year this event gets more than 200 French people together.

La célébration de la Fête de la Bretagne en Chine:

Every year after their foundation in 1997 a group of Bretons, including musicians and dancers, celebrate the national Brittany day in Beijing. During the entire day they discover the real culture of the region with students and local people from International Universities and Language Centers and people from the Alliance Française. This big celebration gets together more than 1000 people including around 40% of Chinese and 60% of French expats. The hold event has been organized for families in order to enjoy the Breton culture with typical meals, drinks and shows.

You can have a look on the pictures gallery and find more about their meetings and activities in Beijing.

You can get their newsletter and fill in the contact form on their website!

MAP BRITTANY for Zhong Breizh Association Beijing

Map of Brittany (France)

Homepage : http://www.bretagne-chine.org/

E-mail : zhongbreizh@hotmail.com

You can also follow them in:

Facebook, Linkedin and Viadeo.


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