Villas to rent in Beijing: Chaoyang Park and Liangmaqiao


Most of the villas in Beijing are located in the outskirts, in districts like Shunyi and Lido. There is some villa in the center of Beijing as well, in areas such as Chaoyang Park and Liangmaqiao.


These areas, Chaoyang Park and Liangmaqiao, are above all locations in Beijing where you can rent apartments. These are places with large expatriate communities, at the core of the Chinese economy.


If you life there, you live close of the largest Chinese headquarters and a diplomatic compound in Liangmaqiao. Renting a villa there means to live close to the large Chaoyang Park, one of the largest urban parks in Asia, a place nice for families. You can have fun in the park, with large green spaces, gardens, music, sport fields. This is a relaxing environment, a little apart from the worst of the Beijing pollution.


You have places to go out, like at the west gate of Chaoyang Park, you are not far from many bars. Regarding Liangmaqiao, you may like the Solana shopping park and the Lucky street.


East of Chaoyang Park you live in a calm Beijing with the rising Chinese middle class, a place with many renovation rpojects that might become a popular place in the near future. There is a luxury villa compound, Forest Hills, a family friendly compound, calm, nice, with very high standards and a really prestigious place in Beijing. This is a very sought after villa compound in Beijing.


In Lufthansa, close to the Lufthansa center, a large shopping mall that is a Beijing city landmark. The advantage of the place is that there is a few international schools, the Canadian School, and the German School. Together with the villa you may rent this might be a good choice if you have your family in Beijing.


The place you can rent a villa there is Guang Ming Villa, a nice villa residence, with ageing layouts but definitely a comfortable place to live in Beijing. It is really family friendly with green spaces. Very good quality of service there, with a very good management.


Not far from there, you can rent a villa in King’s Garden, a nice place. Pleasant villas with green spaces. These are westre, style villas that can prove to be a really good choice to live in Beijing.


Of course, this choice can seem limited but it is a great opportunity to have the possibility to rent a villa in a city like Beijing.

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