Tuanjiehu Park, a green area between CBD and Sanlitun



Tuanjiehu park, 团结湖公园, is located between the East third ring road and Tuanjiehu road. It is located near the Central Business District (CBD), at 1.5 km North of CCTV tower and just South of Beijing Youth Daily headquarters. It is opposite to Beijing Conrad hotel, CDB Private Castle residence and Alhambra Palace 世茂宫园 residence (also located on East third ring road) and right behind the residential compound Bauhinia Court 紫荆豪庭.




Tuanjiehu park covers 12.3 hectares, including 5.4 hectares lake. The park including the digging of the lake, was built in 1958 by the public community (farmers, business men, workers, students, soldiers…) under the supervision of Chaoyang district People’s government. The park was named Tuanjie, which means “solidarity“, as a tribute to concerted efforts. 
The park opened to the public in 1986. 

With grey-tiled roofs and white-washed walls, the park ressembles gardens in South China. The main attractions include Cloud Mountain, Cloud walls, Deyue Corridor, Sunset Pavillon, Huanbo bridge, Jiexiu bridge, Yinsheng bridge. Rocks, water, willows and bamboos, lotuses retain the charm of regions from south of Yangze river. 

The park also features children playground, exercise equipment zone recreational areas and boat areas, artificial beach and wave pool... 

  • National 3A level scenic spot
  • Free entrance
  • Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
  • How to get there? Subway line 10 (North of Huijialou station exit B, South of Tuanjiehu station).

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