Tips to Encourage Renters Without Lowering Rental Prices


Beijing has just been listed asthe least affordable place to rent. Monthly rental costs exceed monthly wages and the average apartment is about 122.9% of an average workers income. With such high prices, many renters are simply looking for the cheapest place to live. However, what if you arent the cheapest? How can you entice people to rent without lowering your prices? Here are some tips that can help market your home.

Keep A Well-Kept Home

There is a relation between cleanliness and success, and many renters are more likely to pay a little extra for a well-kept apartment. Be sure to keep some of these tips in mind to provide a clean and welcoming home.

  • Focus on the bathrooms and kitchens. Since these are generally the dirtiest places in a home, many people make a decision about a property based on how clean the bathroom and kitchens are. You may even want to upgrade these areas if they havent been updated in the last 5 years.
  • Have lots of extra storage space. This will make the home look more open and inviting. It will also reduce the amount of clutter that a renter can see.
  • Add fragrance into the home. A good smell throughout the home will entice renters and make them feel comfortable. This will encourage them to settle down in your rental. Dont overdo it though. You can just put a bowl of potpourri near the door so that guests immediately smell the freshness.

Provide Amenities to Your Renters

Many people will pay more for an apartment or home that has amenities they would otherwise need to pay for. These include a pool, game room, or personal gym. Regardless of the monthly cost of your rental, renters will believe they are ultimately saving by receiving some of these at-home amenities. However, keeping in line with the cleanliness point, be sure that youclean your gym equipment, rake in the leaves from the pool, and check that all games are in top shape. Theres no point in adding the amenities if they are going to act as a detractor.

Provide Some Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Putting potted plants, a new mailbox, painted shutters, or increasing the amount of lighting outside can really make a home feel more inviting. You could even add an outdoor area such as a deck, patio, or lounge area, as the ability to entertain guests is also another factor that renters look at when viewing a property. Another way to add curb appeal is tomake the house seem safe. Add safety features like alarms and fences to make a family feel at ease in your home.

There are many ways to market your home to renters that dont include lowering monthly costs. These little things will help you outsmart your competition and become the number one home for potential movers.

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