The ten best offices building in Beijing

Rapid economic development in China has been accompanied by an equally rapid construction of office buildings, well equipped and with modern architecture. To accommodate foreign companies wishing to develop their activities in China, a neighborhood was created: the Central Business District (CBD), which extends from Guomao to Liangmaqiao in Chaoyang District. Many good quality office buildings are there.
Here are the ten best office buildings of the city. China World Trade Center

Composed of several buildings, among them the highest ‘peak’ of Beijing (Office Tower 3), the China World Trade Center is the core of Guomao CBD. It dominates the town and welcomes many global leader companies. The total area of the complex is 176,000 square meters, which comprised hotels, shops, restaurants, a clinic and apartments as well.

2. Yintai Center

Yintai Center is distinguishable among Beijing towers, thanks to its beautiful and luxury interior design. The office spaces offer the best standard of construction, an excellent business environment, with the latest technology and an efficient communication network. There are a lot of facilities such as shopping center, bank, restaurant or gym. It is located near Guomao subway station.


540-lg_towers-2-building3. LG Towers

Situated on the famous Chang An avenue (east side), nearby Yong’Anli subway station, the LG Towers are a landmark in CBD. They maintain international standards with high technology and excellent quality. The buildings combine office and retail spaces, and the area is full of banks and restaurants.

New-Poly-Plaza-300x2924. New Poly Plaza

The New Poly Plaza is situated in the south west corner of Dongsishitiao Bridge, along the East Second Ring Road, not far from Dongzhimen and Gongti areas. The building design was created by famous SOM Foundation. It is a 27 floor tower with a 10,600 square meter area. You can find easily restaurants, supermarkets or fitness center in the area.

BJ prosper center5. Beijing Prosper Center世纪财富中心  

The Prosper Center is well situated in CBD, on Guanghua Road, near the Kerry Center. It is an international Grade A office building, covering a total area of 150 000 square meter. Total office space area is 100 000 square meter. The place is modern and offers the best services and latest technologies.



6. SOHO Nexus Center SOHO嘉盛中心

This complex is a whole set of commercial and office buildings, a new generation of high quality Grade A office, with unique design. It is situated near Tuanjiehu Park, along the East Third Ring Road, south of Sanlitun. It has a total floor area of 100,000 square meters.


550-oriental_plaza-4-building7. Oriental Plaza 东方广场 

Oriental Plaza is situated in the center of Beijing, near the Forbidden City, at the junction of East Chang’An Avenue and Wangfujing Street, the oldest shopping street of the city. It is a huge multi-function complex, including malls, recreation center, a 5-star hotel and large greenery areas. There is not less than 8 office towers with separate lobbies and entrances.



8. First Shanghai Center 第一上海中心


Situated in the Liangmaqiao and Lufthansa district, the new embassies area, the First Shanghai Center combines apartment and office area, with a total of 31,000 square meters. A lot of facilities such as restaurants, shopping malls, gym and other sports facilities can be found in the surroundings.

9. Kerry Center 嘉里中心 

Located in the CBD in Guomao, the Kerry Centre covers 232,000 square meters and comprised a business hotel, apartments, offices, and a luxurious club. Each of the twin office buildings has sophisticated air-conditioning systems allowing for temperature control throughout the year. It is situated along the East Third Ring Road.


578-union_plaza-2-building10. Union Plaza 联合大厦

Located on Chaoyangmen Avenue, close to subway station and near The Place, a pleasant area full of restaurants, shops and sport facilities, the Union Plaza towers has 20 floors, and offer financial services, dining and relaxation.

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