The project “Maison France Chine” creates opportunities in Beijing


On October 23rd, the official opening ceremony of the “Maison France-Chine” took place in Beijing. Many officials were there, including the President and the General Manager of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (CCIFC) Javier Gimeno and Michael Amouyal, and Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, the French ambassador in China.


“Maison France-Chine”: a new building to showcase French unity in China

A wonderfull Project

“Maison France-Chine” is a project initiated by the CCIFC in partnership with Paris Ile-de-France Commerce of Chamber and Industry and Scout Real Estate, and supported by the French embassy.

This two-storey building is located in the center of Sanlitun, one of Beijing’s dynamic neighbourhoods. It was entirely renovated for the occasion and will host may offices. The founding partner will obviously be there: Alinea, Anthogyr, la Maison de la Chine, Paris Ile-de-France CCI, Crepanini, HEC, Impeto Medical, Leaf, LLR, Scout Real Estate and Tailor Made. Twenty other French companies will also take up residence in this new building.

A dynamic Ecosystem

It is a unique project which will bring together different French institutions and companies from diverse sectors. Its aim is to create a dynamic ecosystem where they share human and physical resources. It is an exciting opportunity for companies to be part of, since they will be able to benefit from the CCIFC and its partners’ expertise and help regarding their business. It is also an opportunity financially-speaking since they will be able to lease the premises for a rent 20% below the current market price in this area. They will have access to some common areas for free or to conference rooms for meetings and other events.

TailorMade Chinese Center a Chinese School based in Beijing get a wonderful office in this new building and is very proud to be member of this project.


The French Identity in Beijing

Besides business and financial benefits for companies, this project is also a showcase for French identity in Beijing. It will serve as a center for French companies and will with no doubt bring some visibility to each and every one of them, as individual businesses but also as a whole. The “Maison France-Chine” is expected to ease exchanges between institutions and companies, create a business friendly environment and to represent a French unity in China.




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