The International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB)

The International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB)





MSB is Beijing’s first fully qualified international Montessori school and a long-standing member of the American Montessori Society (AMS). Located beside Beijing Riviera on the edge of the city’s Shunyi and Chaoyang districts, the school offers children all the benefits of a world-class education within a warm community of qualified and experienced teachers and staff. MSB boasts a dynamic curriculum that promotes academic excellence alongside the development of essential life skills and traits, such as integrity, confidence and leadership. Its innovative Dual Language Programme is unparalleled in Beijing, giving students access to the entire curriculum in English and Chinese with the aim of attaining fluency across all subject areas.


History of MSB

Caroline Chen, MSB’s founding principal, started teaching in Beijing in 1990 when she set up a Montessori classroom in the Royal Norwegian Embassy for a group of 10 pupils. In this single classroom, the vision of MSB grew out of her desire to create an unique Kindergarten and Elementary school aimed at providing excellent education in the English and Chinese language for Beijing’s international community.

In 2012, MSB established its new campus at Riviera, consolidating all of its campuses on the same grounds. The school now serves over 400 children aged 1 to 12, representing more than 40 nationalities, all receiving the excellent education in English and Chinese language that Caroline envisioned. MSB is a non-profit organization fully registered with the Chinese Ministry of Education Beijing Education Bureau. It has been in existence for over 20 years. MSB is an affiliate member of the American Montessori Society (AMS), which represents over 6,000 Montessori schools worldwide and oversees the MACTE Montessori educational standards on an international level.


Education at MSB

IMG_8994MSB’s mission statement is to bring out the best in each and every student. With a community of dedicated and highly experienced educators, MSB aims toprovide a strong academic foundation, as well as instilling social and moral responsibility, integrity, confidence and an enthusiasm for life-long learning.


At MSB, every child is perceived and treated as an individual. The Montessori-based curriculum enables its educators to tailor each lesson to the specific needs and interests of each pupil. For that reason, the children are always engaged and challenged. The spatially well-designed classrooms, along with low student-teacher ratios—4:1 in Preschool, 6:1 in Reception and 8:1 in Elementary—allows the school to bring out the best in each child at every age level, from Nursery to Grade 6.



The academic programmes at MSB are designed around the capabilities of each child. This best accommodates their individual needs and enables them to reach their greatest potential. The MSB curriculum is carefully designed to build a strong foundation in academics, while promoting social, emotional, moral and physical development. The method of teaching encourages children to become independent and motivated learners, with a solid work ethic and sound decision-making skills. These core programme values are supported in all classrooms in the English-Only and the Dual-Language Programmes at all age levels.


IMG_8990rEnglish-Only Programme

The English-Only Programme is a full-day English programme, in which all materials and instruction is in English. At the Reception and Elementary levels, the children are also introduced to some Chinese, known as Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL), through circle time or language lessons a few times per week. In the Kindergarten English-Only Programme, CAL is optional.


Dual-Language Programme: English & Chinese

The Dual-Language Programme is a half-day English programme coupled with a half-day full-immersion Chinese programme. Each dual-language class has 2 separate classrooms: one English only with English materials, and one Chinese only, with Chinese materials. Half way through the day, after lunch, the children switch between the two classrooms.

At the Reception and Elementary levels, the children spend the morning in their English classrooms and the afternoon in their dedicated Chinese classrooms where all work/lessons are conducted in Chinese. The children also receive daily intensive Chinese instruction with a separate teacher. These groups are typically small, encouraging student-teacher interaction.


The Campus

_MG_5477Facilities include 26 classrooms (six with in suite bathrooms for MSB’s youngest), two art studios, two libraries, two children’s kitchens, an indoor pool, indoor and outdoor ball courts, a running track, a multi-purpose hall, a science lab and a 250 sq. meter music room. Lastly, the campus boasts two Coffee Stops, reading and refreshments areas run by MSB’s dedicated Parent Association.


Admissions/Enrollment Requirements

MSB has an open admissions policy; children of all nationalities, races and religions may apply for admission to the school. However, Chinese government regulations do not permit the enrolment of Chinese nationals in an international school.

New Admissions/Enrolment Requirements for Students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan: According to new requirements implemented by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC), the student and both parents must hold a passport/permanent resident card from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan (or another foreign country). Parents must also hold a travel permit for Mainland China and at least one parent must have a working certificate issued in Beijing.


Detailed admissions information can be found on their official webpage.


Contact info:
Tel: +86 (10) 6432-8228
Adress: 2A XiangjiangBeilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, 100103


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