Teachers’ day celebration in China



Teachers’ day (教师节) celebration was created in the 1930’s by a group of professors. In 1939, the Chinese Ministry of Education move the holiday to August 27th, the birth date of Confucius. Teachers’ day used to be celebrated on May 1st from 1951 to 1984 as decided by the Chinese Communist government. From 1985 till today, the Teachers’ day is celebrated on September 10th, which is also the day when the fall semester begins. 

Teachers’ Day celebration is aimed at promoting the great work of China’s educators. Parents are encouraged to express their gratitude towards their children’s teachers.

How Chinese people celebrate Teachers’ day?

Teachers'day celebration in China

Teachers’day celebration in China

If you are a Wechat user, you may see a lot of posts from your Chinese colleagues sharing notes and pictures to celebrate their kid’s teachers. In all Chinese schools, in China mainland and abroad, teachers’ day will be celebrated: meeting, ceremonies and speeches.

Parents may prepare small gifts for their kid to offer to their teachers: self-made cards, drawings, paintings… are the kind of gifts expected on that day. Parents should refrain to offer valuable gifts such a smart phones, electronics, cosmetics and gift cards… as teachers’day is also targeted by China’s anti-corruption campaign.








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