Shimao Apartments: the heart of Sanlitun


These apartments are locate west of Xindong Road on the right side of Sanlitun Village and basically opposite of the famous Beijing Workers’ Stadium in Gongti Beilu. The entire area of Sanlitun offers not only Chinese and International restaurants but also luxury facilities and an entire city area of Nightclubs and bars. The place for public transport is also very convenient having a few bus lines in every main street and two subway lines near: Line 2 for Dongsishitiao and Line 10 with Tuanjiehu.


Main reception of Shimao Apartments

Indoor and Outdoor:

Shimao are brand new apartments with marble floor and a stylish interior decoration with direct access to the shopping centre and open terrace available. Outdoor there is a big Chinese Supermarket and an April’s Gourmet nearby, also having restaurants and small shops in every street. You will have for example some traditional Chinese restaurants in front but also an Indian restaurant, Thai, Starbucks or expat friendly bars in the Hilong Mall and surroundings.


The Gym


It offers a small gym on the first floor with outdoor views, good management and private parking.


The Shimao compound is located in a very centric area, 20 minutes by walk from “The Place” and the Silk Market. It only will take you a 15 minutes ride to CBD and another 15 minutes to Lufthansa. Sanlitun is full of luxury brands and a few of the best restaurants having mostly all facilities. If you like to go out, you will not need more than 5 minutes by walk to the nightclubs or to the Sanlitun Bar Street. There are a few banks around and the Police Station is also 5 minutes away. It is also the neighbourhood of mostly all Embassies and official Culture centres.


Sanlitun Village 5min away


Shimao does not offer a private outdoor space and the Sanlitun area is not very calm during night or day. It is not dangerous but it isn’t either an area to find a close community with children like other villas communities outside Beijing. Chaoyang Park is not far away but it will take you a 15 minutes ride.


Hilong Mall on one side of Shimao


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