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The Beijing Central Business district is located at the east of the city, in the Chaoyang district. A special attetion has been given by the Chinese authorities and the Beijing Municipal bureau to make a world class CBD for the capital of China.

The development began in 2000, and then everything went super fast, with around 300 towers planned for the whole project and some of the highest towers in China are planned to be built there. The iconic tower fo the whole area is curently the CCTV Tower and its shape that is an architectural achievement.

You can actually rent apartments in some of the most prestigious places of Beijing, such as the Park Hyatt inside the Yintai Center with avant garde architecture.

The Business Hub of Beijing

Fortune 500 companies are there in Beijing. Now the business areas are expanding, a new CBD is under project in Wangjing, at the north while some IT companies are located at the east in Wudaokou and Zhongguancun.

This is an area with some international schools, but essentially Kindergartens. The most international school are now in Shunyi.

This is an area suited for foreigners in Beijng with many international-style shopping malls, such as China World Mall, Shinkong Place, Parkview Green, The Place and regarding food you have Carrefour, Jenny Wang and Jenny Lou’s. You have as well a Russian quarter with restaurants and groceries.


This goes together with many restaurants of all kings. At lunch, have a try to Central Park, in the evening you have a lot of choice in The Place.


Here is a list of the apartment compounds there, please visit this page for more details on all the apartments.


Apartments to rent in the Central Park area:

  • Fortune Plaza 财富中心
  • Van Palace 旺座公寓
  • Global Trade Mansion 世贸国际公寓
  • Windsor Avenue 温莎大道
  • World City 世界城
  • Central Park 新城国际
  • Fortune Heights 御金台

Apartments to rent in Guomao:

  • Jian Wai SOHO 建外SOHO,
  • Genertime International Center 通用时代国际公寓.
  • Regent Court 丽晶苑,
  • Park Hyatt 柏悦居,

Apartments to rent close to Ritan Park

  • Fairview Garden 怡景园,
  • Diyang Apartment 迪阳公寓,
  • Ritan International 日坛国际 ,
  • Palace Apartment 京华豪园 .


Apartments to rent in Dawanglu:

  • Gemdale International Garden 金地国际花园 ,
  • China Central Place Apartments 华贸中心 ,
  • Blue Castle 蓝堡国际公寓 ,
  • SOHO New Town SOHO现代城.
  • Sunshine 100 阳光100 ,
  • Château de Luze 和乔丽致 ,
  • Wanda Plaza 万达广场 ,

Apartments to rent in Tuajiehu:

  • MOMA Tower 摩码大厦,
  • No. 5 Wan Ke Park 万科公园5,
  • Xanadu 禧瑞都 ,
  • Great Mall 中国第一商城 .
  • Park n. 5 公园五号 ,
  • Tuanjiehu Residence 团结湖公寓,


Apartments to rent in Hujialu:

  • Alhambra Palace 世茂宫园,
  • CBD Private Castle 圣世一品 ,
  • Forte International Apartment 复地国际公寓,
  • Riverside Baroque Palace 山水铂宫酒店式服务公寓.
  • Golden Lake Garden 锦湖园公寓
  • Bauhinia Court 中海紫荆豪庭,


Apartments to rent in Jianguomen:

  • Wanhao International Apartments 万豪国际公寓,
  • Luxury Apartment 丽舍公寓,
  • Jia Hua Shi Ji Xuan 嘉华世纪轩,
  • Chaoyang Mansion 朝阳首府.
  • Qijiayuan DRC 齐家园外交公寓,
  • Park Avenue International Apartments 东方瑞景,
  • Meihua Century International 美华世纪公寓,
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