Real Estate agencies to contact for office space for rent in Beijing



Real Estate agencies to contact for office space for rent in Beijing or Office Space Rental Services Providers in Beijing. It is not easy to advise you on the best real estate agent to contact for renting an office in Beijing, as it also depends on your needs, your budget, your expectations, your preferred office location, the office grade you are considering, the type of office (serviced office, virtual office, shared office…), the office rental term (fixed / flexible), your industry… 


Beijing Serviced OfficesServiced office property rentalfor those not willing to purchase office equipments and invest in office decoration, renting a serviced office can be an option, as even the monthly rental fee is higher than a traditional office, you just need to pay month-by-month and there is no to limited initial investment. For multinational companies settling operations and offices in Beijing, this is a good option to allow more time to understand Beijing Real Estate Market, before moving into a traditional office location.



Co-working spaces / Shared offices in Beijing: even more flexible option than the serviced offices. It is not a month-by-month rental payment, but you can rent those office by the hour.
Shared offices are very popular in High Tech industry but may not fit for all activities, especially if you need to store samples or communication materials or heavy office equipments.



00221917e13e16842c510fTraditional office property for Lease in Beijing: If you search on Google key words like “Beijing office rent”, “Beijing Office Property For Lease” or “Beijing office space for rent”, results will show both Beijing based real estate agencies (managed by a foreign team, like Scout Real Estate or managed by a Chinese team) and international real estate brokers.


  • International real estate companies will usually advise you on standard office buildings; they are experienced in servicing clients looking for large office spaces in premium locations: those looking for Grade A office rents in Beijing would usually contact the Beijing office of those international real estate agencies, without really considering other options.
  • Chinese real estate agencies may look at first as more economical option for your office property search in Beijing ; however, they will only provide the basic office space search and will do limited verifications to check if the office space is suitable for your industry. We would suggest hiring such agency for those looking for a small office for rent without special requirements on the location and the building quality, services…  
  • Real estate agencies managed by a foreign team will have a more global approach, providing you not only office property search, but comprehensive property services: also ensuring that the location fits to your industry and checking all legal aspects of the office property transaction. They will also share contacts for office renovation / construction companies and any other service provider you may need to settle your new office in Beijing (internet connection…). They have also access to premium locations with Grade A office spaces if this is what fits better to your request and industry! 


If you would like to see a Beijing Office map, you can get a Beijing map with main office building locations from SCOUT Real Estate office (F1, Room 101, No.81 Building, No.4 Workers’ Stadium North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing / 北京市朝阳区工人体育场北路4号81号楼1层101室(机电学院院内)).



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