New Lakeward Scenery Appartments in Beijing

961-lakeward_scenery-005-buildingThe new Lakeward Scenery compounds are located besides Honglingjing Park which is on the east 4 Ring Road. It takes around 20 minutes driving to Sanlitun and about 20 minutes to CBD. The entire compound area will be finished by the end of 2012 with fabulous views to the Park and a luxury Clubhouse.


One of the Living rooms

Indoor and Outdoor:

The main hall has marble floors and fine French decoration with more than one lobby and big crystal lamps hanging over the spiral stairs. Appartments are bright and luxury too.


One of the lobbies inside Lakeward Scenery


The Clubhouse has the biggest Olympic standard swimming pool, indoor badminton and volleyball courts, spacious gym halls and private wooden rooms for yoga practice. The quality of the management is very good and Lakeward Scenery also offers parking.


Main fitness gym


Olympic Swimming pool


It is a calm area that offers a new expat friendly community with a big outdoor private space and a park near the compounds. Joy City shopping Center is only 5 minutes away without forgetting that the compounds 1872 are 20 minutes away from Sanlitun and have a convenient bus connection. The entire compound offers high luxury facilities such as a new gym and the biggest private swimming pool a compound has. Furniture and all systems are completely new and security is very efficient.


It is not near the most of International School but one of them is just behind the flats. It will take longer to Lufthansa and CBD area during main hours. If you want to live near some touristic Chinese sightseeing places this is not your perfect accommodation but for long term staying it offers a high living quality.


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