Looking for hikes around Beijing : try the Beijing Hikers

In October, you still have a few weeks of nice weather in Beijing before the winter strikes hard and makes hiking less pleasant. Since 2001, the Beijing Hikers organize hikes around Beijing, with different levels of difficulty, from simple tourist leisure to sportive hikes for hard trained hikers.

There is two different options every Saturday and Sunday, and some opportunities during weekdays, check their schedule. The tours are pleasant and are a good opportunity to meet people in Beijing while enjoying great landscapes. It is above all an extraordinary opportunity to leave the polluted Beijing down-town and explore te countryside.

This is really a great way to explore the China’s great wall and find places less crowded with tourists, instead of queuing at Badaling. Actually, Beijing Hikers offer a large number of hikes on the Great Wall and its surroundings, in less famous places worth discovering. This will be a change from Beijing downtown lansdcapes.

You might enjoy hikes centred on other kind of places, such as an old temple, a shrine, a river, a valley, these kind of objectives that would be difficult to schedule as an individual not knowing the Beijing region. The guides are very nice and there is no pressure, if you pace is rather cool, do not worry, you’ll be attended at by a guide at the rear of the group, so there is no risk you find yourself in a too difficult trial.

At the end of the hike there is a nice meal in a restaurant, but you are advised to take some snacks with you along the way. The day costs 400 yuans, everything included, but with several trained guides, transportation, water supply and original destinations, it is really worth it.

You might miss the charm of hiking solo, but this an be as well a great opportunity to discover what kind of treks the Beijing region can offer, and you don’t have to think about anything since the people there handle everything.

Some guides are really keen to take you discover the region’s flora and fauna.

If you want to take part, it is quite simple,you only have to meet the team in front of the Starbucks at Lido Holiday Inn. In the morning, check the schedule for a precise time on their website or contact them :

Xinhualian Ligang Building 2, Suite 601, 26 Jiuxianqiao Zhong Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016

中国北京市朝阳区 100016 东北四环酒仙桥中路26号 新华联丽港2号楼601室

Phone : 6432-2786

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