How to find a good office to rent in Beijing?

Personal research

The first step when we’re looking to rent office is to do personal research. Know the average prices, market trends and the different districts of Beijing is essential, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city and if it is your first business in China. Between all districts, Chaoyang District is a large and populous quarter, and has different areas that will be more or less adapted to suit your budget: Guomao CBD, the business core of the city, Liangmaqiao / Lufthansa, the embassy district, Sanlitun, very popular with foreigners for its nightlife and numerous shops, or Dongzhimen, Sanyuanqiao and Wangjing, which are all areas that attract Chinese and foreign companies.
Once done this work of clearing the field and you have an overview of the city and the market in mind, you can start the concrete research.

You can do the research yourself by tracking the ads on the Internet, you can move directly into office towers, or use your relationships. This method requires an excellent knowledge of the market, of administrative procedures and language.

The most common and the most rational method is going through an agency and hire professionals. You will have access to complete and exhaustive lists of office buildings in the city, and you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of agents. The market is hot for Beijing office space and when to doing business in China, cultural differences can cause disasters. Better to trust local professionals.

You have two options: to use Chinese or foreign company.


First option: contact Chinese office rent agency.
Chinese office rent agencies are numerous in Beijing. Well established companies like Xuanhaozhi (选好址) or Anjuke (安居客) are known and reputed. However, you’d better speak a little bit of Chinese to communicate with them, or it could be complicated. The Chinese agencies are good at finding places, but sometimes they may have difficulties in understanding the expectations of foreigners. The service standard of some agencies is just acceptable, and sometimes even lower. The advantage of these agencies is that they have very precise databases for many districts.

Second option: appeal to foreign companies to help you.
There are numerous international real estate companies doing business in Beijing. They offer the highest comfort level for many first-time business owners setting up an office in China, and they have their local representatives negotiate the contract details. Those companies offer strong guarantees and the level of benefits is excellent. The downside is that these companies could encourage some buildings and some developers with whom they have partnerships.

The best solution might be using a foreign independent agency specializing in the expatriate relocation and offices rental. Several such agencies exist in Beijing, the most famous being Scout Real Estate (SRE). SRE is an independent firm. They negotiate on behalf of the tenant and do not represent commercial landlords or developers. They will help you find the best office space in Beijing, following your requirements. Their expertise and market knowledge allows them to find the best deals and great guarantee for your lease terms.

They have a good understanding of foreigners’ needs and expectations. Their fees are not more expansive than those of the Chinese agencies and the advantage is that the rent you’ll pay will be the market price. Scout Real Estate is service driven and you’ll have after-sales services available all along the rental period if something goes wrong with the landlord or the management team, from the simplest ones such as the internet connection to more complicated rent issues.

Feel free to contact our agents for further information about office rental.


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