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Central Business District (CBD)



This area has the highest concentration of Western companies among Beijing businesses district for Expats. It is lively and convenient, although less animated than Sanlitun in the evening.





This area, south of Guomao’s transportation offers better deals than the expensive CBD, while being very convenient as well.




Sanlitun is probably the most popular hangout in Beijing. This is where expats come to eat, drink and socialize. It features very modern compounds and also older buildings all in the same area very lively and convenient.




Chaoyang Parkchaoyang park

Chaoyang Park is a quieter and less urbanized area than CBD and Sanlitun, thanks to the proximity to the Park: very appreciated by Expat families.





Lufthansa is an area popular among embassy workers. It features many major embassies (USA, South Korea, France, India, Israel…) as well as the German Embassy School. It has a lot of stores and services and is convenient to live in, but it doesn’t have much nightlife.



Shunyi/Jingmi Roadshunyi

This area is for people who have a family, or who want to have a direct access to airport. Most of the international schools are located in this area. Shunyi has a lot of villas compounds, more or less modern, some coming with with so much amenities you don’t have to go outside the compound much. Having a car is a plus in this area.



East Fourth Ring Road

4th ring



Lido is a green and convenient area, well-known for its international hospitals. Very convenient to live-in and quite close to expats main areas of interest (CBD’s offices, Sanlitun and its bars/restaurants, Shunyi and its international schools….).




Hutongs are the historic street within the 2nd ring road. This is where you can find a different experience of Beijing, more authentic and charming, for those in love with Chinese culture. All houses are different from one another there.


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