Boya Garden Apartments: enjoy Chaoyang Park

boya gardenBoya Garden is located at Chaoyang Park West Gate close to Parkview Tower and Park Apartment.

The entire complex covers 97,000sqm with two 28 level towers and one 14 level apartment building. The total construction area has 97,000sqm.

Indoor and Outdoor:

Apartments are large and bright with high ceilings, decent decoration, large windows and beautiful views to a gold field. The entire compound has a private gym, dance room and indoor swimming pool without forgetting the café in the lobby and a small shop downstairs inside the compound. There is a small garden and a fountain at the front door of the compound and a bike and motorcycle space behind. Street around Boya garden are quiet and without traffic.


Main entrance of Boya Garden



Boya Garden appartments offer a sport club with private gym, dance and martial art activities and indoor swimming pool. You can also enjoy the café inside the lobby and the rest of the restaurants and western style shops in the main street which is located less than 5 minutes away by walk. We do not have to forget the security at the main entrance and available area of parking space. Chaoyang Park West Gate is just 5 minutes’ walk away. This location offers the possibility of doing sport every day or has a nice walk through the main lung of Beijing. Situated in the same main street you can find a few Chinese restaurants, a sushi bar, a Korean cuisine restaurant, a few small shops including a pharmacy and the western supermarket “Jenny Lou’s”.


Gym inside Boya Garden Club


The swimming pool


The area of Chaoyang Park offers a nice and expat friendly location with about 15 minutes’ walk to the heart of Sanlitun and subway Line 10 “Tuanjiehu”. For people working in CBD the area is also quiet convenient because it only takes around 20 minutes by car to get there every day. The area of Boya garden flats offers peace and big outdoor spaces which is not common living in the centre of Beijing.


The sport club is not as new as other clubs in several expat compounds. Chaoyang Park is very near but other main parts of the city are not. Most of the International Schools are far away from the Chaoyang area so it will take more time to drive the children to their Education centers even if they take the School shuttle bus. There is no private garden as expat villas have outside the Chaoyang district.


Jenny Lou’s Supermarket

Annie’s Italian restaurant


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