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Eduwings Kindergarten Beijing is an international school with a trilingual concept for German, English and Chinese speaking kids. They have two branches, one in Shunyi and one in Haidian.eduwings

Interview with Stephanie Janusch, Principal of Eduwings Kindergarten Beijing.


indoor climbing wall1) When your kindergarten was founded? 
Eduwings Kindergarten Beijing was founded in 2010 by Linda Zou and Maria Seemel, who are both professional educators with many years of experience in the field of education. The name of the kindergarten is made up of two words: Education and Wings. 


2) Is your kindergarten approved by the Chinese government?
Yes, Eduwings has a license and is approved by the Chinese government.
3) Which cursus do you offer? What age range?
The curriculum designed by Eduwings, based on the Berlin Education Plan and including other teaching philosophies.   The education is child-centered and aims to ensure that the children will feel happy and comfortable.
fun cookingEduwings’ believe is that “every child has education in it, it just needs the right environment to use all possibilities of it” and their slogan is “A world with wings in every child“.
Main learning areas:
– Body, Movement and health (including a Rollerblade class, Swimming class)
– Social and cultural Living (Cooking class…)
– Artistic creativity
– Music (Orff Music class: cooperation with Chinese Music Institute)
– Language, Writing culture and literature
– Speaking three languages
– Basic Experiences in Mathematics
– Natural Science and Basic Technology Experiences
Eduwings admit all kids  between 1 and 6 years old and speak Chinese, German or English as mother language. 

Languages: German/English/Chinese in German department, English/Chinese in English/Chinese department
4) In which international school do your students enroll after kindergarten?
Alumni have gone on to attend various international school such as the German Embassy School, British School of Beijing (BSB), Dulwich College of Beijing, International School of Beijing (ISB), Keystone School, Daystar Academy, Beanstalk International Bilingual School, etc.

5) Tell us more about your kindergarten facilities and activities

  • Anything to mention about food quality? organic vegetable and fruit; healthy Chinese and Western meals freshly cooked by our chef. 
  • Is your school equipped with air filtration systems? The facility is fully equiped with air filtration sytems: IQAIR air filtration system in the building and individual IQAir Health Pro250 in all classrooms. Besides outdoor activities will be limited depending on the air quality index
    • PM 2.5 Level 0 – 150: Teachers will actively organize outdoor activities for children and decide the length of time
    • PM 2.5 Level 151 – 200 Teachers can organize outdoor activities for children, but the time shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes
    • PM 2.5 Level Above 200 All outdoor activities are canceled
  • number of children / group: max. 15 children per group and a 1:5 ratio for the 1st year.
  • activities for parents & children:
    • For the whole family: Summer Party, St. Martin Festival, Christmas Party, Easter Picnic, Summer Pool Party;
    • For children: Moon Festival, Halloween party, Kids Day, Chinese New Year Party, German Carnival, Dragon Boat Festival
6) Admission
The school year starts on 1st August of each year and ends on 31st July of the following year.
Tuition fee: half-day programme: 68000 RMB, full-day programme: 90000 RMB; discounts available (2016).
Phone number: +86 (010) 64508384
Patricia Zhang, Marketing Director: (English/Chinese)
Stephanie Janusch, Principal:  (German)
Location: check the maps


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